Happy Easter & April Fools’ Day! Did You Spot The Fake News? Hints: DC Comics & WWE!

Happy Easter and April Fools Day! Did You Spot The Fake News?

Of the 16 articles at InsidePulse and Comics Nexus over the Easter and April Fools’ long weekend over the last two days, three were fake news aka April Fools pieces. Could you figure out which were pranks? Hints: DC Comics and WWE!

Here they are with the offending links:

I should note that AFD aka April Fools’ Day was used in the tags of all three articles as was a source link to AFD at the bottom of each that would lead you to this if you clicked on it:

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for being such good sports.

Finally, here’s a WWE and DC Comics pairing in light of my AFD fake news.

Eve Torres-Gracie as Wonder Woman.


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Source: AFD (EFD this year)