DC Comics Universe & Justice League Of America #27 Spoilers: Chronos Gets Upgrade & Defeats Batman’s JLA On Road To Justice League No Justice!

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DC Comics Universe and Justice League Of America #27 Spoilers follows.

Chronos Becomes A Formidable Villain Even Against Batman’s JLA On Road To Justice League No Justice!

David Clinton, the time villain Chronos, is after the Imprint and escapes…

…Ray Palmer in the microverse.

He returns to take on the Justice League of America having spent decades improving himself, including a new costume, and enslaving some New Gods Techno Thiefs.

We also see some cool uses to his time powers to defeat Ray at light speed and Killer Frost.

We also learn why he’s after the Imprint. That is how the concept of super-hero developed; without it or him, Chronos thinks super-heroes won’t exist.

Chronos wants to go back in time to wipe out the handprint where Ahl, the god of super-heroes, landed on Earth. The Atom, Ryan Choi, kept Chronos talking so…

…thew new Aztek could lay a few punches on him. Chronos still escapes…

…and travel in time to Primordial times to witness Ahl land on Earth, but…

…he’s already been captured and…

…defeated by Chronos!

I’m still hoping Walker Gabriel will debut in this arc and defeat Chronos and take his powers!

Walker was the 1990’s Chronos and even headlined his own ongoing series.

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