Marvel Comics Legacy & Amazing Spider-Man #798 & #799 Spoilers: Red Goblin NOT A Carnage & Green Goblin Amalgam On Road To ASM #800? Covers!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Amazing Spider-Man #798 and #799 Spoilers follow.

Covers On ASM #798 and #799 On Road To ASM #800 Have Green Goblin’s Return Before Red Goblin’s Debut? Is The Red Goblin NOT A Green Goblin & Carnage Amalgam?

Amazing Spider-Man #798 has a few covers.

The variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #799, the action figure variant, does seem to reveal that the Red Goblin may not be who we think he is…

…perhaps may not be a Green Goblin and Carnage amalgam? Why else censor a part of the cover? What say you? ASM #799 variant also has another good look at the Red Goblin.


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