WWE Raw 4/2/18 Recap – Brock and Roman go Face to Face

Stephanie, HHH, Kurt, and Ronda come down for an exciting back and forth Q and A session. Steph brags about ending her WWE career while HHH says WWE is their whole life. They talk and talk and talk before Coach poses everyone for photos, but HHH bonks Kurt with a mic and Stephanie sorta chokeslams Ronda through one of the tables.

Bayley looks at the goofy trophy for the women’s battle royal before beating Sonya in a match that went far too long. Sasha comes in to save Bayley from a double team attack, but then brawls with Bayley. An Asuka-Charlotte video hypes up Asuka as unbeaten on NXT, Raw, and now SmackDown. Miz does commentary almost as a babyface talking about the pressure of WM since he’s been there and they haven’t. Seth and Finn have a great, short back and forth match. The shotgun kick on the floor sends Seth into the barricade hard, but Seth lands the stomp and wins. Angle asks Heyman to keep things civil tonight.

The Bar comes down to talk about Braun, and they talk and then brawl with Braun until he sends them packing. Goldust talks about Matt Hardy and their match tonight, and involvement at the Andre battle royal. Matt and Goldust have a fine match with Goldust’s ducking uppercut being met with a punch and Matt wins with a Twist of Fate. Alexa and Mickie mock Nia for being fat. John Cena hypes up all of the WM matches and says that last year’s WM changed his life with his engagement. Cena says he’s hyped for Elias at WM and he’s proud of all the women’s matches at WM. Cena wants the fans to summon Taker for him and it doesn’t happen – so they’ll wait until WM to actually do it.

Roman promises Kurt that he’ll beat up Brock just like Brock has done to him. Elias sings and beats up Heath Slater. Backstage, Braun meets with Curt Hawkins, who wants his big break – so Braun puts him through a wall. Nia cuts an intense promo about Alexa before Alexa and Mickie come out to face Dana and Asuka. Asuka makes Mickie tap out before Alexa comes in to beat her up, but Nia makes a save. Heyman says that WM isn’t Roman’s yard and Roman will just be another notch on the belt for Brock, and he’s just Brock’s bitch. Kurt sends the roster to make sure a brawl doesn’t erupt – but they just let Roman pass and he beats the daylights out of Brock with a Superman punch and a billion chairshots. Roman stares at the WM sign for too long though and eats an F5. Well, this was better than their tug of war three years ago – but still lacking something for a WM main event build.

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