Impact Wrestling 4/5/18 Recap – Moose vs. Eli Drake for Two Cases

Eli and Moose walk into the building with their cases on the line in their match. Cage vs. Lashley is recapped and they’ll have another match tonight. Aries talks from his home about getting a call to come back to Impact and not wanting to do so. Why put that on TV? Alberto trains for their PPV match and we’ll get a deeper look at that later. Lashley calls Cage out and says that he got a fluke win and he deserves a real chance to face him – and if he wins then, then Cage is a man. Lashley jumps him and lands some sick Taz-style crossfaces on the apron. Cage hits a seated electric chair facebuster and lands a German too before hitting a Death Valley Driver for 2. Cage goes up top and gets stopped, leading to Lashley getting 2 off a superplex. Cage eats a German and gets up before eating a spear, but he kicks out at 2.5. The Drillclaw ends it for Cage and gives him his second win in a row over Lashley.

Pat Kenney fights Dale Toreborg on the Pluto TV app clip. Allie comes down and wants Su Yun to get her ass down here now! Su Yung comes down and beats her up for a bit in an imptromptu match. Allie dropkicks her head-first into the buckle before suplexing her into the ropes. Braxton comes down and Allie hits a codebreaker on Yung for 2.5. Braxton grabs her anke to prevent a superkick and Yung hits her with a kendo stick for a DQ. Josh and Sydal talk about how Aries and his negative vibes costing them triple gold – but mainly costing Josh his Grand Title. Josh says that he’ll return to the ring next week to face and destroy Petey Wiliams, BAYBAY.

Rosemary faces Taya next week as well. KM bullies Richard Justice and tells him to come down for a match. KM comes in the ring and says that Justice is a fat embarassment to wrestling and he’s so fat that when he orders a bowl of cereal, it comes with its own lifeguard anf if he buys a waterbed, they just put a sheet over the pacific ocean. KM beats him up before the Cult of Lee comes down to beat up both Justice and Fallah Bah. Tyrus comes down to save the other fat boys and tells a kid to not mock KM like that and that it’s nice to say someone’s just Sienna’s lackey. Eli cuts a promo on leaving with all the cases.

Johnny Impact faces Ishimori, with it being a basic back and forth match until Taiji hits a springboard rana for 2. Johnny hits the flying Chuck and lands the End of the World to finish it off. Kongo Kong comes down for a long brawl, which Impact wins by using his speed to evade and hit a corkscrew pescado. Aries puts himself over for doing all that he could to survive, while Alberto is proud for working hard his entire life and earning everything he has. Alberto tells him that he isn’t the real champion until he beats him since he never lost it. Alberto says their match will be one of the best ever. Moose says he’ll win both cases and find a partner to make the nation chant “Moose”.

Jay Lethal vs. Kurt Angle for the X Title is the GWN match of the week, with Lethal pinning him for the title. LAX is back at their clubhouse and brags about their titles. Eli comes down to slap hands with a fan and pulls back. Moose starts things off hot with an Okada dropkick in the corner. Eli knees him in the gut and lands a Bret-style second rope elbow for 2. Moose hits a buckle bomb and the big dropkick and goes for the Game Changer, but Eli ducks and the ref eats it. All of OVE comes down to beat up Eddie’s friend Moose, but Eddie makes a save. Eli hits Moose with the bat for 2 before Moose takes a Gravy Train and that ends it.


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