Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Big Brother Canada 6‘s Merron Haile

I had the chance to catch up with Merron Haile, immediately after he was evicted from theBig Brother Canada 6 house. We talked about whether why he was evicted and why he seemed to perform so poorly in the competitions. We also discussed what his strategy was entering the game after others had already started playing and why he felt he was the player that Canada decided to vote in. I asked him if his calm demeanour was the reason why the other players continued to nominate him as a pawn and if this was a hinderance to his game. I talked to Merron about why he felt like he was evicted when it seemed like he was more popular than Ryan. Merron also talked to me about his close relationships with Hamza and Kaela in the house. Finally, he gave me a sampling of the beatboxing that he became synonymous for in the game.

Check out the video above!

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