WWE Wrestlemania 34 & Monday Night Raw 04/09/18 Spoilers: What Is The Deal With New Raw Tag Team Champions Braun Strowman & Nicholas?

WWE Wrestlemania 34 and Monday Night Raw 04/09/18 Spoilers follows.

What Is The Deal With New Raw Tag Team Champions Braun Strowman and Nicholas?

Well, it turns out that Nicholas is the son of WWE Referee John Cone who posed with the new champs after their win.

It also looks like Nicholas will be the co-owner of the Raw Tag Team Championship belts until WWE decides otherwise. He’s listed with Strowman on the WWE superstars website.

Also, the preview for tonight’s Raw spotlights Braun Strowman and Nicholas:

      Will Braun Strowman really defend the Raw Tag Team Titles with a kid named Nicholas?

      In one of the most inexplicable moments in WrestleMania history, Braun Strowman not only picked a young child named Nicholas out of the crowd to be his partner for his Raw Tag Team Championship Match against The Bar at WrestleMania, but he also won the titles with the young man.

      Now, with Strowman and Nicholas officially reigning as Raw Tag Team Champions, several questions emerge. Will Nicholas continue to be The Monster Among Men’s tag team partner? And, even if yes, will WWE management allow an innocent kid to compete on Raw?

Here’s a video of the new Raw Tag Team Champions going for their championship photos.


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