DVD Review – Vice Principals (Complete Series)

It’s pretty rare that you see a show in America designed with a short, finite run that isn’t a special event miniseries. That’s the key difference between British and American television, it seems. British shows tend to leave before they’re forced out while American shows tend to outlast their welcome. Vice Principals is that rare American show designed with a short run (18 episodes released into two separate seasons) and walks away without much left on the table.

Simple premise. Gamby (Walton Goggins) and Russell (Danny McBride) are vice principals at a high school whose principal (Bill Murray) is on the verge of retirement. Both eye that position and the show’s focus is on the two as they jockey for position as rivals for the same position.

Over 18 episodes the show’s problem is that it’s so dark that it becomes a hard watch. Over nine hours it takes a certain type to really get into this sort of show. It does a terrific job of leaving everything on the table, and concluding its run effectively, but its so dark that it gets a little hard to watch.

A blooper reel, some deleted scenes and selected commentaries are included but aren’t anything special.

HBO presents Vice Principals (The Complete Series). Starring Danny McBride, Walton Goggins. Run Time: 540 minutes. Not Rated. Released on 4.10.18

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