WWE Monday Night Raw 04/09/18 Spoilers: Braun Strowman & Nicholas Relinquish Raw Tag Team Championship Belts #RawAfterMania! New Champs To Be Crowned At The Greatest Royal Rumble! [Video]

WWE Monday Night Raw 04/09/18 Spoilers follow.

Braun Strowman and Nicholas Relinquish Raw Tag Team Championship Belts #RawAfterMania Due To Nicholas School Schedule! [Video]

New Champs To Be Crowned At The Greatest Royal Rumble!

WWE Raw Results:

      Alas, Braun Strowman & Nicholas the fan’s Cinderella run with the Raw Tag Team Titles has come to an end. Due to the young champion’s scheduling conflicts — as Strowman helpfully pointed out, he’s in the fourth grade — the champs relinquished their titles on Raw, setting up a two-week tournament that Raw General Manager Kurt Angle dubbed the Tag Team Eliminator, where the winner battles Cesaro & Sheamus for the vacant titles at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.

      First to advance?

      The Revival, who began their Raw journey at last year’s #RawAfterMania and did not waste the opportunity to hit reset on a Team Red run that has been haunted by injuries. To wit, they powered relatively quickly past Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson thanks to a strategy that zeroed in completely on The Suntan Biker Man’s leg. When Anderson was forced to turn on the jets, The Revival used his frenzy to their advantage, scoring a sneaky tag and sending him stumbling headlong into a waiting Shatter Machine for the 1-2-3.

      (Second to advance? )

      Last night, Bray Wyatt rose from The Lake of Reincarnation to help “Woken” Matt Hardy win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, signifying the beginning of a wonderful new partnership. On Raw, the two former rivals made it official, teaming up for the first time and notching a Tag Team Eliminator victory that doubled as the start of their “Expedition of Gold.”

      With Wyatt “rid of the succubus known as Sister Abigail” and Hardy bolstered by the presence of Humungous Wonder Number Eight, they were near-flawless against Titus Worldwide, despite having never competed together. The Eater of Worlds seemed to have picked up a few of Hardy’s mannerisms as well — he decreed Apollo’s athletics to be “Wonderful!” — but Wyatt still relied on his punishing power moves to take the wind out of Apollo’s sails. A Sister Abigail-Twist of Fate combo landed Hardy & Wyatt a victory, The Expedition of Gold is officially a go, and The Revival await in the distance.

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