Impact Wrestling 4/12/18 Recap – Rosemary Battles Taya

The show begins with Aries after the LU vs. Impact show saying that Alberto said Impact was his company, but bolted. We get clips of the House of Hardcore show where Aries made the announcement of Fenix vs. Pentagon vs. himself being made the new Redemption main event. We get clips of LU vs. Impact as well. LAX comes out and Eli comes out with Scott Steiner as his partner for Redemption. Steiner buries millenials and says he’s world-famous, bitch! Konnan buries him for his wacky promos and says that LAX will kick their asses and says that Eli needs to be careful because Scott may not show up and if Scott’s just here for a payday, because the fans can just chant LAX and take care of Scott’s pop and he doesn’t have LAX’s passion and he doubts he still has anything left. Konnan calls Eli “Brody from Homeland”, and says Scott’s got baby nuts. This is Konna’s best promo in ages. Eli says they’ll take the belts and there’s nothing LAX can do about it and he’s the big gravy daddy. Konnan calls Scott a has-been and Eli a future has-been before demanding that LAX get the music cue since they’re the champs. This was something else.

Rosemary vs. Jade from Impact a couple years ago is shown as the GWN match of the week. Jade did a cage dive in this match in front of what looks like 200 fans. Yikes. Sami Callihan comes out to face Moose and they have a fun big guy match. Sami kicks his way out of a corner splash and face washes him. Moose blocks a sunset bomb, but Sami lands the trapped superkick and a Ligerbomb gets 2. Sami hits him with a bat to the jaw and Eddie comes down to make a save, but OVE beats him down until Tommy Dreamer comes in and hits a piledriver on Sami. Tommy challenges OVE to the first House of Hardcore match at Redemption.

Josh comes down with Sydal to face Petey Williams, and he blames Petey for taking his Grand Title – a title he worked 17 years to acquire! Petey comes out and Josh runs away. Josh goes for a Destroyer, but Petey locks on a sharpshooter but Sydal comes in. Josh gets 2 off a cradle. Petey attacks Sydal, which isn’t a DQ. Sydal finally kicks Petey and now that’s a DQ and he chokes Petey out with his jacket. Brian Cage is shown destroying Lashley and everyone else. Jimmy Jacobs talks to Johnny Impact about Kongo Kong giving him a reality check.

KM, Caleb Konley, and Trevor Lee comes out to face the fat guy trio of Fallah Bahh, Tyrus, and “Stand By Wrestler” Richard Justice. Tyrus gives his partners a double fist bump of confidence. Bah steps on Lee’s back while Josh says all his matches are five stars – so Sonjay gives him a loud Alvarez-esque MINUS FIVE STARS rating for his match tonight. He gets the steamroller splash and tags in Justice. Richard Justice beats up everyone with Dusty-esque punches. KM beats him up, but he tags in Tyrus and Tyrus tosses KM around with a t-bone. Fallah comes in and hits the banzai drop on KM to win.

Taya is out to face Rosemary, who saunters down and Josh asks if the winner here faces the winner of Allie vs. Su Yung at Redemption. Rosemary takes her down and slugs away. We get a walk and brawl for a bit and Taya goes for the Road to Valhalla on the ramp, so Rosemary avoids it and throws her down the ramp. Gourdbuster on the guardrail for Taya and she goes to toss her into a corner chair, but Rosemary counters it. Taya face washes the chair into Rosemary before hitting a shotgun knee strike into the chair. Taya lands a kneeling kick combo, but Rosemary does her zombie kneel up. Taya gets tossed into a ladder, but Taya makes her eat the chair by countering a corner spear for 2. They fight up top and Rosemary hits a piledriver off the top through a table to win it. The show closes with a recap of Impact vs. Lucha Underground and Alberto brawling with Aries at a press conference.

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