Marvel Comics Legacy & Avengers #688 Spoilers: No Surrender Part 14 Has Voyager Step Up In A BIG WAY!

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Marvel Comics Legacy and Avengers #688 Spoilers for No Surrender Part 14 follows.

Over the course of No Surrender series, we learned about Voyager’s alleged secret history in Avengers #676 (full spoilers here) including her alleged alter ego of Valerie Vector in Avengers #681 (full spoilers here) including the revelation about her alleged super-powers in Avengers #677 (full spoilers here).

In Avengers #683 (full spoilers here) a recovering Jarvis, the Avengers’ institutional memory, revealed Voyager was a fake and their memories of her as founding Avenger aren’t real just as she steals a pyramoid in the game between the Grandmaster and Challenger.

In Avengers #684 (full spoilers here) we learned who her father really is and the true nature of her powers (full spoilers here).

In Avengers #685 No Surrender Part 11 we got to see some Voyager designs (full spoilers here).

In Avengers #686 No Surrender Part 12 Voyager has to pick a side, comes clean with the Avengers and loses badly to the Immortal Hulk (full spoilers here).

In last week’s Avengers #687 No Surrender Part 13 continued her mea cupla with the Avengers taking that in interesting ways (full spoilers here). This issue also reveals how Voyager was named (full spoilers here)!

In this week’s Avengers No Surrender Part 14, Voyager steps in a big way against The Challenger who has been renamed Grandmaster in the issue (full spoilers here).

The device that has hidden Earth can be reoriented to save Earth, but will take lots of strength.

No god or hero alone can do it.

Hercules and Sunspot double team their efforts on the device.

At the same time…

…the Voyager brings all the Avengers together to…

…take on and out the Challenger! However, is her dad, the Grandmaster, actually back from the dead in next week’s No Surrender penultimate issue?

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