Marvel Comics Legacy & X-Men Blue #25 Spoilers: Why Does The New X-Men Come Together?

Marvel Comics Legacy and X-Men Blue #25 Spoilers follow.

In Addition To Revealing Where The Original Time Displaced Ten X-Men Are Heading Into Extermination #1 (full spoilers here), The Book Also Explain Why A New Team X-Men Come Together.

Havok, Alex Summer brother Cyclops, is also evil now. That Summers clan is an unfortunate one. Anyhow, he has bulled mutants together and are paving the way for the mutants to become the dominant species to the Mothervine that triggers secondary mutations among mutants as well as creates new ones.

Magneto fights them off and…

…escapes with…

…allies ready to help him save humanity!

The new X-Men Blue consist of Jimmy Hudson (Ultimate Universe Wolverine’s son), Gazing Nightshade, Daken (616 Wolverine’s son), Xorn, and the Bloodstorm (Storm from Mutant X Universe).

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