WWE Updates Big Greatest Royal Rumble Singles Match; SmackDown Live Stars In Hot Water?

In a followup on yesterday’s news that The Undertaker would be returning to the ring to face Rusev in a Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, WWE.com has announced that a returning Chris Jericho will replace Rusev in that match.

This comes after TMZ posted a misleading article suggesting Rusev & manager Lana responded to news of the match stating “Rusev’s Gonna Retire Undertaker … CRUSH His Old Ass!” As you can see in this video, neither said anything of the sort while even being somewhat in character.

The TMZ article made waves however with Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool responding on Twitter:

Following this, WWE removed Rusev from the match entirely with Lana tweeting out this storyline reason:

Rusev then removed many references to WWE from his Twitter and Instagram bios and tweeted:

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