Marvel Comics Legacy & Amazing Spider-Man #799 Spoilers: Who Is The Red Goblin’s Surprising Accomplice?


Marvel Comics Legacy and Amazing Spider-Man #799 Spoilers follow.

Who Is The Red Goblin’s Surprising Accomplice?

Well, not only do we have a lot of Red Goblin (Green Goblin Norman Osborn with the Carnage symbiote) in Amazing Spider-Man #799, but in addition to Carnage he creates his own new partner…

…his grandson Normie Osborn becomes a mini-me of the Red Goblin!

What a cruel grandfather! Now THAT was unexpected.

I wonder if the long game is to have Norman Osborn revert to the Green Goblin and Normie Osborn stay as the Red Goblin? Considering the Venom symbiote exaggerates Eddie Brock’s muscles and features, the Carnage symbiote could make Normie look bigger and more menacing too?

An intriguing twist.

The issue also reveals how Peter Parker tried to get around his bargain with the Red Goblin (full spoilers here) to spare the lives of his loved ones and friends.

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