Marvel Comics Legacy & Amazing Spider-Man #799 Spoilers: Spider-Man New Black Costume Origin Heading Into #ASM #800 & A Red Goblin Battle?

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Marvel Comics Legacy and Amazing Spider-Man #799 Spoilers follow.

What Is The Origin Of Spider-Man’s Black Costume (spoilers here) Heading Into #ASM #800 and A Red Goblin Battle? A black costume that carries on into Amazing Spider-Man #1?

Well, after the Red Goblin easily defeated Spider-Man’s allies in this issue (full spoilers here) and “created” a partner for himself, for a victim depending on your POV (full spoilers here), a defeated Anti-Venom aka Flash Thompson…

…gives up his Anti-Venom powers to Spider-Man!

Will the Spider-Man costume be white, like Anti-Venom’s, before it gets black again? Well, we’ll find out in the Amazing Spider-Man #800 out on May 30, 2018.

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