WWE Raw 4/23/18 Recap – 10 Woman Tag

The show begins with a touching 10 bell salute and tribute video for Bruno Sammartino. Brock and Heyman come down and say the Universal Title is real and no one stands a chance against him. Heyman says that Brock wanted the fight in a cage and Heyman says the odds are stacked more against him now in a cage because he’s the best cage fight in the history of the Brocktagon. Roman talks smack and leaves. Sami and Kevin get a show and they’ll have Angle on it. Elias sings and is interrupted by Roode, leading to a match. Roode hits a blockbuster, but Elias gets a schoolboy and uses the trunks to win.

Matt appears backstage with Bray and looking no less than 50 with this lighting. They’ll face the Ascension tonight. Double team Twist of Fate ends it. Kevin and Smi are mid-ring with their new desk and some photos and allow Kurt to sit in a tiny lawn chair. They say Kurt really needs this job, and he says that he’ll send them both out of the Greatest Royal Rumble. The Miztourage is backstage with Seth to help him BURN IT DOWN. He declines their offer. Dolph and Drew face Titus Worldwide and take them out with the Zig Zag and claymore combo. Drew says the locker room has gone soft. Kurt meets with Chad Gable and says that he didn’t bring him here to team with Jordan – before Jinder interrupts. Jinder dominates him in a match, but Chad counters the Kallos into a cradle and pins him.

The Riott Squad cuts a terrible promo on the ten person tag opponents. Joe cuts an intense promo about destroying Roman at Backlash. Taker vs. Rusev is hyped up. The Miztourage sucks up to Balor, who rebukes them. Braun and Lashley destroy KO and Sami and squash Sami with the powerslam to end it. No Way Jose dances in the ring and we get A Moment of Bliss with her cutting a faux anti-bullying promo. Seth and Balor face Bo and Axel, leading to Seth taking Axel out with the stomp and Balor finishing the job with a double stomp. The ten woman tag is a giant cluster of moves and Mickie attacks the leg of Nattie. Nia takes out everyone with a sofa dive to the floor. Ronda comes down and gets a baseball slide dropkick. Ronda makes her mean face, judo trips her and armbars her Well, this was just a show – sadly.

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