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Impact Wrestling 4/26/18 – LAX vs. Steiner and Eli for the Tag Titles | Inside Pulse

Impact Wrestling 4/26/18 – LAX vs. Steiner and Eli for the Tag Titles

A Redemption recap video makes the show look like a fairly big deal. Aries rounds up the locker room, which doesn’t even fill the screen, and says that as Grand Champion, he’s still the World champion. He says that he checked his math with Scott Steiner and he decreased his odds to 33% and he will bring the company back to its glory and he’s seemingly a heel again by making tons of excuses. Trevor Lee comes out to be victimized by Brian Cage, who destroys him with a deadlift superplex and a falcon arrow-style Drill Claw. Don Callis is back on commentary and is so much better than Sonjay. Tommy tells Eddie to be there for his wife and Eddie tells Tommy he needs to be at the Impact Zone to take out Sami. Eddie calls out the Crist brothers and they brawl before Eddie wipes them out with a cane. Sami goes to Alisha’s hospital room and does a slow reveal by slicing balloons away from his face and showing his own mangled face. He says he just wants to talk and then Eddie runs to her.

Aries vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix is recapped, with Fenix coming off like a major deal. They hype up LAX vs. Steiner and Eli before showing Team 3D vs. the Steiner Brothers from Bound For Glory 2007. DJZ’s injury in Mexico last year is recapped in-depth showing his long road to recovery. He talks about fainting in a bathroom and being rushed to a second hospital and having internal bleeding. He says Redemption told the story of the last year of his life and allowing him to overcome his critics. Moose destroys Braxton and bowls him over with a flipping spear to win. He says he’s Mr. Impact, which is just terrible. Sydal says his third eye is ready to face anyone for the X Title. A guy is beaten up backstage with a red and black X on his chest.

LAX talks in the clubhouse about needing to focus and putting Konnan on the back burner until they get hte belts back. Allie faces Taya, and quickly flatlines her into a buckle. Allie I’M ALLIE ups and hits a Russian legsweep for 2. Superkick and a codebreaker ends it for Allie. Su Yung and an army of undead bridesmaids come down and she lays out Allie with a draping pedigree. Rosemary comes in afte rhte lights go out to make a save for Allie before they go off again and Su Yung leaves. KM says he regrets fat-shaming Fallah Bahh and he wants to make the world right and stand by his side next week.

At the hospital, Eddie runs in and Alisha says all he did was talk to her. She asks Eddie why he would leave her there and he yells at random dudes to tell him where Sami is. Sami is shown out cold in his own room before Eddie beats him up. This has turned into a great little story – minus the terrible acting from Eddie and Alisha, because Sami is now a sympathetic figure in it and you can logically put her with Sami instead of Eddie since at face value, he has regrets for his past. Don Callis does his best Bill Watts impression and tells the story of the promotion as a whole before they hype up Rosemary vs. Su Yung for next week. The Kongo Kong vs. Johnny Impact feud is recapped.

Eli and Scott Steiner come out, with Steiner having a new “I’m World Famous, Bitch!” shirt. Scott Steiner says that last night, he was the top trend worldwide. He says that happened because he’s world famous! Scott says that Konnan’s busy at Taco Bell eating discounted burritos. Scott manages to hit a super belly to belly on Santana, which barely fully connects for 2. Eli hits a super powerslam to end it. Eli says he’s got his world title case and he’ll cash it in against Pentagon whenever he wants. Aries comes out and says he wishes the fans were at the PPV so they’d cheer for him before saying that the Grand Title is the World Title. Pentagon Jr. tells them to listen closely – he has ZERO FEAR. Eli and Steiner work over Aries and Pentagon before the former champ and new champ take out the tag champs and have a tug of war for the World Title.

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