WWE Raw 4/30/18 Recap – Balor vs. Seth For The IC Title

A Greatest Royal Rumble recap video starts things off. Roman touching the floor before Brock’s is recapped and now this matters – it didn’t matter on the show, it wasn’t a controversy on the show, but now it is. Roman says he’s the real Universal Champion and gets booed out of the building. Joe talks smack about Roman losing at GRR and he’ll lose to him as well and put him and his career to sleep. Jinder mocks Roman for making excuses for his losses, while he refuses to do so – while making excuses. Sami comes out to a huge pop in Canada. They sing his song and he dances along. This is eaisly the best reaction he’s ever gotten and on Raw, he comes off like a top-level guy. KO is out in a Quebec-branded version of his shirt. Everyone wants a piece of Roman, and he wants a coin flip. Instead, we get a brawl with them and Roman before Lashley makes a save and then Braun comes out too and the heels are sent packing.

Elias is out to sing and then faces Bobby Roode in another nothing match. Bobby Roode gets in a bit of offense, but gets thrown “throat-first” into the buckle and he gets nearly counted out and loses by medical stoppage – so he basically lost twice in this match and lost last week too. Great start for him on Raw. AOP squashes a pair of jobbers and gets the Super Collider back and wins with the high/low lariat. Seth talks about the ladder match and says he loves the fans in Montreal. He wants to be a fighting champion, so Balor comes down and makes a challenge. Seth says he has Miz on Sunday, but he’ll leave it up to the fans and they want it. Miztourage comes down to pitch a new Four Horsemen, and they get destroyed. Balor hits a Nightmare on Helms Street on Seth to remind him that they’re opponents tonight.

Ruby Riott and Sasha have a sloppy match. Ruby hits a neat reverse cannonball senton off the top. Ruby hits the Riott kick up top and wins it. Alexa’s Moment of Bliss involves Nia mocking her at Disney World and saying she was too small for the rides – even the tea cups. “It’s a cup…you just sit..in a cup!” She’s great at this. Titus talks about being able to fall on his face and he joins JLaw in getting up after that. We get a bizarre Deleter of Worlds Photoshop video showing them throughout history. Lashley, Roman, and Braun are out for the main event. They put over Lashley’s accomplishments before WWE while he destroys Jinder and briefly bring up his MMA history. Braun is an amazing babyface on fire on the apron, stomping around while the crowd goes crazy. Braun bowls over KO on the floor before hopping over his trophy! BRAUN HITS THE POST – HIS ONE WEAKNESS! Powerslam hits KO and ends it.

Another long Greatest Royal Rumble ad airs, now focusing on the hope it’s giving women. Baron faces No Way Jose, before Titus runs down and they use a towel to make sure he doesn’t slip while Dana bounces around. He slips on the apron and distracts Baron, who loses by distraction schoolboy to Jose. Then they all dance to No Way Jose’s theme. Well, this helped no one. Mickie faces Nattie, who has Ronda while Alexa is with Mickie. Ronda stalks Alexa and Nattie cradles Mickie to win. Nia comes down for some reason and raises their hands. Okay, so it’s so Ronda will point to her. Seth and Finn have a match that’s a bit too short, but still great. Seth bowls him over to start and he lands a blockbuster after blocking a top-rope kick. Seth hits a dive, but Balor kicks him to avoid the second. Superkick to the gut sets up the stomp, but Balor forearms him and double stomps him. Seth hits the superplex, but Finn gets the falcon arrow for 2! Balor hits a flip dive and a pair of cradles get 2 for both guys. Seth lands a superkick and stomps him to win.

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