DC Comics Universe & Action Comics Special #1 Spoilers: Superman Learns The Last Will & Testament Of Lex Luthor? Ally Or Enemy Or Both?

DC Comics Universe and Action Comics Special #1 Spoilers follow.

Superman Learns The Last Will and Testament Of Lex Luthor? Ally Or Enemy Or Both?

The Fortress of Solitude is attacked!

The attacker learns Superman’s secret identity of Clark Kent and that he is married to Lois Lane and has a son Superboy aka. Jon Kent. He uses this information, seemingly, to attached a Lexcorp airliner to bring out Superman. The villain escapes…

…leading Superman to confront Lex Luthor about his airliner.

After Superman leaves, Lex Luthor accesses the cameras on the plane and gets a glimpse of who attacked; someone in a mechanized suit. That same armor attacks Lois Lane and has Lex Luthor’s face on his dome.

Superman saves Lois Lane and finds an old and dying Lex Luthor from the presumed future in the armor! Another example that Time is Broken in DC!


Some have even speculated that this old Lex Luthor is the pre-Flashpoint Lex Luthor who had battled cancer before due to his exposure to kryptonite in his kryptonite signet ring…

…that also cost him his hand.


That older Luthor dies of old age in the armor and it explodes.

Modern day Lex Luthor arrives in his blue not green armor, seemingly showing he’s still an anti-hero, who still is irked by Superman. He doesn’t reveal who the old man was just some that was masquerading as him.

Superman flies off believing that an evil Lex Luthor is a thing of the past.

There were two other stories in this special, but they don’t seem to impact modern day continuity as much as the above and feeding into broken time at DC. Although, the second story does set up classic Lex Luthor as President Donald Trump and classic Clark Kent as President Barack Obama (full spoilers here). Finally, the third story is a touch tale focussing on Lois Lane (full spoilers here).

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