DC Comics Universe & DC Nation #0 Spoilers: Joker Gets Ready For Batman & Catwoman’s Wedding? Does He Know Bruce Wayne Is Batman?

DC Comics Universe and DC Nation #0 Spoilers follows.

This Joker take involving the upcoming Batman and Catwoman wedding is part of three stories in DC Nation #0; the other two involve a kick off to Justice League No Justice (full spoilers here) plus a Superman: Man of Steel prelude where Lois Lane is gone and a new character emerges (full spoilers here).

The Joker breaks into a home.

The homeowner is nervous.

Turns out the Joker is waiting for an invitation to Batman’s upcoming wedding.

The mail arrives and the Joker reads a letter.

He shoots the homeowner; it is not a wedding invitation he read, but a letter from the school noting the homeowner’s daughter has a lateness to school issue.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Batman and Catwoman!

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