DC Comics Universe & DC Nation #0 Spoilers: Superman Man Of Steel Begins! Where Is Lois Lane & Who Is Robinson Goode?

DC Comics Universe and DC Nation #0 Spoilers follows.

This Superman Man of Steel prelude is part of three stories in DC Nation #0; the other two involve Batman and Catwoman’s upcoming wedding with a Joker spotlight (full spoilers here) plus a prelude to Justice League No Justice (full spoilers here).

The book establishes that Lois Lane is no longer at the Daily Planet, but we also know from the Man of Steel solicitations that she is also missing. We also get introduced to her replacement, a reported poached from the Daily Planet’s completion, a Miss Robinson Goode who also adds some needed diversity to very white Daily Planet staff.

Goode makes overtures to Clark Kent commenting that she liked his expose earlier on President Luthor; well looks that storyline happened in the Rebirth era continuity.

Perry White, Editor-in-Chief, at the paper calls Clark into his office and complains about the lack of heart in his recent piece. Clark agrees and says he’ll do a rewrite and then escapes, as he ususally does, from the Daily Planet’s roof and flies off as Superman. Unbeknownst to him, Goode followed him up there. She may not have seen him become Superman, but she has a keen interest in Kent.

Well, there is a good reason for that, she has a hidden agenda of some kind. Is she a villain or just an ambitious reporter? We’ll see the beginnings of that in Man of Steel at least…

…which kicks off this month!

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