Marvel Comics & Avengers Spoilers: What’s Next For Voyager, The Challenger, The New Lethal Legion & Others After No Surrender As Avengers #1 Hit Stands For A Fresh Start?

Marvel Comics and Avengers Spoilers follow.

What’s Next For Voyager, The Challenger, The New Lethal Legion and Others After No Surrender As Avengers #1 Hit Stands For A Fresh Start This Week?

CBR interviewed the writers of the 16-part No Surrender Avengers weekly event. It is curious about what the editorial mandate was for the end of the event in Avengers #690.

Avengers #690 was packed with a lot before next week’s Avengers #1 fresh start:

    • Confusion over Hawkeye’s costume.
    • Intertwined fates of Voyager and the imprisoned Challenger.
    • Catharsis for the Immortal Hulk and Hawkeye over Civil War II.
    • Revelations about Wonder Man, Hawkeye, Vision and Quicksilver.
    • New beginnings for the Black Order, Lethal Legion and the original Grandmaster.

Avengers #1 dropped this past week and revealed the massive threat that began with the Avengers 1,000,000 BC that engulfs our modern day Avengers forcing them to Assemble in the Avengers #1 fresh start (full spoilers here), there are other threats on the horizon for the Avengers in that same issue (full spoilers here).

So, will we see the characters from Avengers No Surrender in the Avengers fresh start series? Well, the No Surrender writers aren’t optimistic.

Interesting QA from the interview.

      [Question] In No Surrender you guys tied up and brought to a head character arcs from your respective Avengers titles, but you also introduced some new characters into the Marvel Universe in the form of Voyager and the new Lethal Legion. Issue #690 left those characters in some interesting places. Any teases about where and when we might see those characters again?

      It’s hard to say. Jason Aaron’s new Avengers run is built on the Celestial plotline he started in Marvel Legacy, but his team line-up also leaves many of our No Surrender players open for other adventures. What form that may take is not something we can talk about just yet. Like Lightning, our cards are staying hidden for now.

      [Writer Al] Ewing: I’ve got ideas. Part of the business of #690 was to leave the characters in places where they were free and clear – so both Toni and Roberto ended up in quite a nebulous space where anything could happen next. Of course, the trouble with that approach is that immediately your mind starts buzzing with what could come next. There does come a time you need to step back and hope your baby birds can fly on their own, but at the same time, the ideas never stop…

So Marvel has no plans for anyone coming out of Avengers No Surrender. The new Avengers is writer Jason Aaron picking up his own seeded threads from Marvel Legacy #1 including the Avengers 1,000,000 BC. However, No Surrender did end with the Challenger captive to the Voyager watching Avengers fresh start unfold.


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