DC Comics Universe & Detective Comics #980 Spoilers: Batman Family Revelations Reveal Time Is Broken & Ties Into DC Rebirth Fallout In Doomsday Clock?

DC Comics Universe and Detective Comics #980 Spoilers follow.

Batman Family Revelations Reveal Time Is Broken and Ties Into DC Rebirth Fallout In Doomsday Clock? That’s the mini-series where the Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan, responsible for the DC Rebirth timeline because he stole time after Flashpoint, tangles with the DC Universe.

Future refugee Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong has relaunched the OMAC project and has convinced Tim Drake aka Red Robin, after a look at the bleak future, to become Pax Batmana!

As the OMAC Batmen attack, Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Cassadra Cain aka Orphan and Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler are trying to hack and undo the Ulysses / OMAC threat. Brown realizes, somehow, that the tech is from a future alternate timeline, but feels confident she can hobble it.

Batman is then attacked by Azrael and Batwing, both OMAC’d, while…

…Cassandra protects Stephanie while she works on the hack.

Ulysses then shows them a glimpse of their other pre-Flashpoint timeline where both Cassandra and Stephanie were Batgirl at different times.

Pax Batmana at the same time shows Kate Kane aka Batwoman her future opposition and threat to Batman.

Ulysses shows Cassandra Cain she was not an Orphan in the other timeline and…

…that Stephanie Brown was even Robin at another point in that timeline.

However, both women won’t be broken and they…

…hack and shut down the OMAC project to Ulysses’ surprise?!

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