Impact Wrestling 5/10/18 Recap – Pentagon Jr. vs Eli Drake

Josh starts the show off talking about Don Callis having a big year, being the architect of Omega vs. Jericho, and returning to wrestling at New Japan before Sami Callihan attacked him. Sami is shown having the towel thrown in for him by Don at WrestleCon and Sami says “you’ll pay, booker-man!”. Anthony Carelli presents him with an award before Sami assaults him. This was really good and makes Sami out to be the top heel in the company…so why isn’t he champion then? Eli vs. Pentagon Jr is hyped up and Z and E come out to face LAX. Everett hits a back kick and goes outside before tagging in Z. He hits a crossbody on both guys as Josh talks more about the Callis attack. Z hits a crazy dive and is barely caught. Z ducks the street sweeper and ranas him to win – so they get a big upset.

Grado meets with Katarina and Joseph Park isn’t amused by this in the slightest. So I guess Grado’s a cocky heel now. Rohit Raju comes out to face Grado, with a new theme and Katarina. Rahit struggles to lift him for a go-behind, but he’s too fat and then boots him a couple of times. Bionic elbow hits for Grado and he cannonballs him to win. Joseph Park is beaten up backstage and is covered in a red and black X. Tessa Blacnahrd gets a bio video talking about her grandfather Joe Blanchard, her father Tully, and her step-father Magnum TA before chronicling her own journey in wrestling.

Slammiversary is hyped up and Josh says they’ll win folks over one fan at a time if they have to. Eli and Scott tease dissention when Eli says he doesn’t want his help tonight. Drago, Aerostar, Fantasma, and Ishimori are out for a 4-way with lucha rules. This is absolutely crazy in terms of sheer things. Drago and Aerostar have great chemistry together. Ishimori hits a golden triangle moonsault and Aerostar’s neck bends horribly off a dive. He recovers quickly though and hits a sunset bomb for 2 to Ishimori. Fantasma hits the Thrill of the Kill and becomes the number 1 contender to the X title. Kong faces Moose at an indy show and Moose wins when Jacobs pulls Kong from a beating.

KM trains with Fallah Bahh in a hilarious wacky video. KM chases him in a golf cart while eating candy and ice cream and having him run up steps. Brian Cage is shown in NOAH against Takashi Saguiera in a match joined in progress. Cage hits a giant jumping nee before getting 2.9 off the tornado claw. Drill claw ends it. An old ultimate X match is shown as the GWN match. Rosemary being taken out by Su Yung is shown. Allie is apparently possessed by Su Yung or a demon or something. Eli comes out to face Pentagon Jr. They have a short match and Pentagon wins with the Pentagon Driver. Aries is shown backstage eating a banana.

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