Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Backyard Finale Interview With Big Brother Canada 6‘s Will Kenny


Will Kenny will likely be remembered for his strong accent, his strong alliance with Paras and Maddy and how he managed to secure a spot in the Final Four without winning a single competition on Big Brother Canada. The Trepassey native was the fan favourite this season but was unable to save himself after Kaela won the final veto competition of the season.

I caught up with Will immediately after the Big Brother Canada 6 finale on May 10 2018. We discussed a variety of subjects and I asked him why he couldn’t seem to find his rhythm in the competitions this season. I asked him about when he decided to stepping down from the important Voodoo Doll competition after Derek promised him safety and whether Derek should be credited for the move. I asked Will to tell me why the jury all seemed to side with Paras over Kaela. Finally Will told me about what he thought was the best part about being on Big Brother Canada this season.

Check out the video above!

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