The Column: DC Universe Talk On Preparation For Flash War

“Flash War – Ready, Set”

Welcome to the The Column. This is the place where we talk about something that is two weeks away.

Now if you had been reading DC books you would have known that there is something coming known as the Flash War.

What is this the Flash War?

Everybody knows Barry Allen, the Flash, and Wally West, the Flash after him, and that they are close and have one of the best relationships in the universe.

What could possibly drive them apart?

The one event that could. Flashpoint, forever Barry Allen’s biggest mistake as that changed every life from his to the League to Batgirls to Superboys to Lanterns to Aquapeople to Crisis; really he did a bad thing.

He even erased many people from existence including Wally before Wally finally somehow came back in DC Rebirth. But this Wally did not remember his full life. He also forgot many people and everybody forgot him.

The League, Barry, The Titans and Iris West recently are in the know, but they do not remember him fully. Wally has forgotten various important things too.

What exactly do you ask? The Justice Society, the second Teen Titans incarnation the New Teen Titans, the Legion of Superheroes, his protégé Impulse who later became Kid Flash Bart Allen, and most importantly his children Irey and Jai West. But he says he has remembered something more recently.

Zoom or Hunter Zolomon is the architect behind this. Considering that was Zoom’s biggest victory, we can expect the erasure of the kids to come back.

The thing is Wally might have forgiven Barry for erasing him and he knows that his pre-Flashpoint wife Linda Park and the Titans are still alive in the Rebirth ara, but to find out he had kids and they are now just gone; that’s gut-wrenching. He had a Kid Flash of his own and he is also gone.

That should be the main impetus of the Flash War. Also Flash #47 is supposed to have an awesome final page so that should be good.

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