DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee Denies Upcoming Reboot Rumor, But Time Is Broken?!

DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee Denies Upcoming Reboot Rumor!

BC ran a story recently citing an upcoming event for DC Comics called “Crisis” that herald another reboot for DC Continuity including removing Batman and Catwoman’s upcoming marriage or Superman and Lois Lane’s marriage.

It seems like a very odd rumor; not that an event called Crisis may be coming, but that DC would reboot its continuity wholly at this stage. That said, there is something in the works at DC though concerning the growing realization across several DC titles that time is broken. Perhaps not a reboot, but a fix of their conflicting timelines instead?

Well, in an unusual move, Jim Lee is squashing the reboot part of the rumor, but mentioned nothing about an event called Crisis.

Social media statement:


      Rumors of reboots are ridiculous. Just stop with the misinformation. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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