Image Rundown – 05/16/18 – Featuring Flavor #1, Barrier #3, The Wicked + The Divine #36 & Much More!

Welcome to Image Rundown!

Here’s a quick look at everything Image Comics is releasing this week, with highlights and quick reviews for new series and collected editions as well as good jumping-on points for new readers. Let’s get started!

New Series and Arcs:

Flavor #1 – When a young chef must keep her restaurant open to provide for her family, she won’t let anything get in her way, especially the fact that she is an “unlicensed” chef and the state is onto her. From the clever mind of Joe Keatinge (see also Shutter) and the artistry of Wook Jin Clark and Tamra Bonvillain, comes a great series about family commitment, a police force’s secret and a very good dog. With consultation from an actual culinary expert, Ali Bouzari, this is a can’t miss!

Crude #2 – Not new this week, but if your shop still has a copy of #1, I’d recommend giving it a quick skim. The ending of the first issue surprised me, so I am interested to see where the series goes.

Dead Hand #2 – Also a surprise ending, and a very intriguing plot. I don’t want to give anything anyway, but if you find yourself with a couple extra bucks this week pick up #1.

Continuing Series:

  • Barrier #3 – Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s Panel Syndicate epic hits its third week of print, and still no plans to be collected as a TPB or HC. Get yours now!
  • Curse Words #14 – “The Hole Damned World” Pt. 4.
  • Death of Love #4
  • Dry County #3
  • Gideon Falls #3 – Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s mysterious ride continues!
  • Kick-Ass #4
  • Infidel #3
  • Moonshine #10
  • Rat Queens #9 – Been a few months since last issue, but the girls are back at it. Well, those still here…
  • The Wicked + The Divine #36 – “Mothering Invention” Pt. 3!

Collected Editions:

  • Black Science Premiere Vol. 01 Remastered Edition – A deluxe hardcover edition of Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera’s hit, collecting issues #1-16!
  • Black Magick Vol. 02 – Issues #6-11 of Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott’s fan-favorite series! Things just aren’t getting better for Rowan Black as the Hammer closes in.
  • Evolution Vol. 01 – Evolution is tired of taking 10,000 years to change humans; now humans have one week to adjust to their next stage. Good luck, everyone.
  • Mage: The Hero Denied Vol. 04
  • Paradiso Vol. 01



No quick reviews this week, but if you’re looking for more recommendations, find me on Twitter and Tumblr.

Happy reading, everyone, and see you next week!

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