WWE Raw Recap 5/14/18 – Triple Threat MITB Qualifier

The show starts off with Ronda facing off with Nia Jax at the NBC upfronts. Roman comes out and gets booed before Kurt apologizes for not letting Jinder try and qualify for the MITB match. Roman goes backstage to brawl with Jinder in the metal pipe district. Owens and Seth come out for what should be an outstanding match. Cole puts Seth over for the open challenge while KO stomps away with him. KO hits a senton and Seth hits a falcon arrow on the apron! They recover and get into a slugfest. KO goes out and eats a suicide dive. KO DDTs him on the top of his head for 2.5. Seth eats a spinning fisherman buster off the top for 2.5. KO enters the ring and eats the curb stomp to enable Seth to retain.

Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax’s full confrontation from the upfronts is shown and Nia faces Ronda for the Raw Women’s Title at MITB. Kurt exposits to someone about this very thing before Bo and Axel come in and call themselves the B Team before Cole calls Booker the B Team. Roode, Jose, and Baron have a long nothing match. Roode wins with the Glorius DDT. KO threatens Kurt and demands a rematch. Kurt doesn’t make that, so KO gets on the horn with Steph to do something. Jinder gets his ribs taped up and is taken out of his MITB qualifier. The B Team faces Breezango while Booker says that when Harlem Heat went from being Kane and Kole to their real names, they had better success – and that could happen with Bo and Axel. The fans sing the A Team song and the B Team wins with the 3D-B back suplex neckbreaker to win it.

Sasha, Ember, and Nattie face the Riott Squad. Nattie makes Liv tap out in another nothing match. Drew and Dolph talk about facing Balor and Braun tonight. Matt and Bray defeat The Revival with the Kiss of Deletion. Bayley and Sasha have another terribly-acted backstage chat with Sasha wishing her luck as she faces Alexa and Mickie. Sami insults the fan for laughing at his Lashley-inflicted vertigo – and he even has a doctor’s note with a defiintion of vertigo. Sami promises to bring Lashley’s sister to Raw next week. Alexa, Bayley, and Mickie are out. Bayley runs wild on both with some corner-based offense. Alexa gets a sunset bomb for 2 before Mickie breaks it up. Cole offers up some riveting MITB facts while they all slug it out. Alexa KOs Bayley with the right cross and then the snap DDT ends it.

Jinder gets cleared to compete and then gets speared through a false wall by Roman. Braun and Balor face Drew and Dolph. Dolph is a great victim for Braun, but avoids his corner charge and Braun hits the post. He bowls Drew over into his GRR trophy, which breaks and then Dolph crotches Balor up top and cradles him to win. KO replaces Jinder against Elias and Lashley in an MITB qualifier. Elias goes for a mid-ring concert but gets interrupted. He gets 2 off a diving elbow. Lashley hits a Yokosuka cutter and then gets in Lashley’s way before landing a helluva kick on him before KO frog splashes Elias to win and qualify.

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