DC Comics Universe & Batman #47 Spoilers: Batman With A Gun On The Eve Of His Wedding To Catwoman? Time Is Broken & So Is Booster Gold?

DC Comics Universe and Batman #47 Spoilers follow.

Batman With A Gun On The Eve Of His Wedding To Catwoman? Time Is Broken and So Is Booster Gold?

Booster Gold is stuck in an alternate timeline after he changed the past and prevented Bruce Wayne’s parents from dying as a wedding gift for Batman aka Bruce Wayne and Catwoman aka Selina Kyle in the core DC timeline. In this alternate timeline, a feral Catwoman leads to the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents just now as older folks.

As a result, Bruce Wayne held Booster Gold captive and frees him as he needs his help to change the timeline again. Wayne wants to go back to prevent the murder of his parents last issue and Bruce Wayne threats to explode Skeets and shoot through Booster’s armor if he doesn’t help.

Booster Gold winks at Skeets to do what Wayne wants.

Wayne notices the wink…

…and we then pivot to earlier in this arc when Bruce Wayne “killed” Skeets…

…and Booster Gold revealed who he was to Bruce Wayne and why he changed the past.

Enter Booster Gold from the past who was about to save Bruce Wayne’s parents and starting this timeline.

In the end, Bruce Wayne’s parents die as they should have…

…meaning that the new line isn’t created. The sadistic Bruce Wayne now has witnessed his parents die twice and…

…kills himself out of agony.

And that scene is a parallel to the opening scene from Batman #45 where Green Lantern Hal Jordan also killed himself, but with his ring.

We now are back in the corrected timeline where Booster Gold spills the beans to Batman and Catwoman about what he did and what happened.

However, Booster Gold seems to be unwell from his captivity and seeking the suicides of Green Lantern and Batman in that timeline and the death of Skeets. Perhaps Booster Gold is a prime candidate for Sanctuary?

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