Marvel Comics Universe & Quicksilver No Surrender #1 Spoilers: Avengers No Surrender Fallout!

Marvel Comics Universe and Quicksilver No Surrender #1 Spoilers follow.

Avengers No Surrender Fallout! Quicksilver seemingly sacrificed himself in No Surrender Part 14 in Avengers #688 (full spoilers here) prior to the finale in Avengers #690 (full spoilers here). Now we have a sense of what is next for Pietro Maximoff.

Looks like he popped, seemingly, between the moments in time on Earth?

The whole world appears at a standstill to Marvel’s top speedster.

He even encounters an energy being that he believes looks like him.

He beats his doppelganger, saving a life, but wondering…

…if he’s fast enough for the threats…

…before him.

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