WWE European Tour Sets Up Raw Feud Between Bobby Roode & Zack Ryder? Hilarity Ensues?!


WWE European Tour Sets Up Raw Feud Between Bobby Roode and Zack Ryder? Hilarity Ensues?!

WWE reports:

      Bobby Roode becomes “Snorious” during WWE’s European tour

      If we’ve learned anything from following WWE’s Superstars on social media, it’s that if you’re caught sleeping on a bus, at an airport or on a flight, you’re leaving yourself open to photographic mockery.
      The latest target of this phenomenon? Bobby Roode, who tried to catch some shut-eye mid-flight during WWE’s exhaustive European tour this week.

      As Roode drifted off to Dreamland, Zack Ryder snapped a pic of his fellow Raw Superstar, and the result is simply, well, “Snorious.”

      We have to give props to Long Island Iced-Z for the wordplay, but we wonder: Will Ryder face retribution for this naptime snapshot?

And, the answer is “yes” according to Booby Roode’s twitter.

And, Ryder understands.

Those wacky WWE kids.

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