Impact 5/24/18 – Moose Battles Kongo Kong

We get a recap of DJZ nearly dying a year ago and him talking about his return. Madison Rayne talks about Tessa being a bully and now she’ll have to get back in the ring to face her. The Edwards-Sami issues finish things off after we see Kongo Kong destroy Grado. OVE comes out with Sami to face Drago and Aerostar. Drago hits a flip dive to start things off quickly. Sami holds Drago and Jake hits a yakuza kick. Drago kicks the Crists before they do a Kaientai-style double team for 2. Eddie and Alisha arrive with a kendo stick and argue. Eddie comes down and attacks the Crists and Sami with a kendo stick before choking Sami out with it. Eddie and Alisha argue and he says he wants to destroy Sami before she screeches.

Josh and Don talk about Sami’s mental health decline while hyping up tonight’s Sydal vs. Fantsama and Kongo Kong vs. Moose matches. The Cult of Lee will also face LAX next. LAX comes out and the crowd is bopping along to their theme – really making them seeming like a major-league deal. LAX’s losing streak is shown. Ortiz is sent into the steps and Santana eats the post. LAX chops Lee over Conley in a neat visual. Conley avoids a wacky double team move with a victory roll and wins with a handful of shorts. Moose’s brawl with Kong is shown and Jacobs says he’s a good guy and they’ll teach Moose a lesson.

KM and Bahh are backstage with Grado and Katarina. KM tells Bahh that he’s got a chance if Grado can get her, then Bahh can. Katarina says she’s a chubby chaser, which offends Grado until she says she likes his big bones. Mr. Anderson is shown facing James Storm from a random Impact before Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy come down and we get a promo exchange before Hogan comes out for more talking. It’s one thing to show a vintage match, it’s another to do that and then a random promo in the middle of a feud from five years ago.

We see Madison and Tessa’s brawl from last week before Madison chats about returning before Tessa buries her for being a stay at home mom. They’ll face off at Under Pressure, and there’s no way the match can be worse than the promos. Z and E chat before Scott Steiner says they couldn’t beat them 10 times out of 10 before Eli pulls him off and they argue. Fantasma comes out before Sydal, who does look great with the revamped X belt. Famtasma hits a fyling armdrag off the top and gets 2 off a tilt a whirl. Sydal gets 2 off a sunset split. Sydal goes for the standing moonsault, but Fantsama gets the knees up. Fantasma hits a diving shoulderblock and then a jumping standing headbutt.

This sets up a baseball slide and some ringside brawling. Sydal hits a modified Angle slam and the SSP is avoided. Fantasma goes for the Thrill of the Kill, but Sydal avoids that but gets locked in a wacky kneebar. Sydal hits the double-arm pumphandle bomb to win. Eddie Kingstom meets with LAX and says Homicide is with K-Dogg, and he’s running New York with shipments working nicely. Eddie talks about the name LAX meaning less on the streets due to that and they need to win again. Aries vs. Pentagon is hyped up with Pentagon’s win being shown and Aries talking how how low he felt losing it.

Don Callis talks about there not being an update on the attacker and the cops have no leads yet. Petey faces Dezmond next, and the winner faces Cage. Petey hits the rana to the floor, but Dezmond hits a big charging European uppercut. Tilt a whirl into the Canadian legsweep gets 2 for Petey. Dezmond hits a variety of elbow shots and a cutter for 2.9. Dezmond goes for the double-jump Pele, but Petey avoids it by just leaving the ring. He hits the outside-in codebreaker, but eats knees for 2. Double jump Pele misses, but Petey goes for the Destroyed and Dezmond avoids that to daze him and finally hit the goofy double kick to win.

Rosemary’s funeral is shown alongside the flaming coffin. Moose and Kong go out and brawl outside for a bit. Kong hits a cannonball on the steps. Kong avoids the game changer with a Samoan drop into an oshigorishi for 2.9. Kong goes for the big splash, but misses. Moose hits a pair of pump kicks and then a third before slamming him. Moose lands the big flipping spear to pin him. This was as impressive a showing as Kong has had. Jimmy Jacobs is shown backstage being beaten up with a red and black X on him.

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