Blu-Ray Review – The Strangers: Prey At Night

The original The Strangers film was schlocky horror … but it was schlocky horror that worked. What happens when you make a sequel 10 years later that has no real ties to the original?

You get The Strangers: Prey at Night.

Simple premise. A family on vacation gets stalked by three masked weirdos looking to murder them. Shenanigans ensue.

The only difference between this film and something shot with zero budget for a horror film festival is just that: money and talent. This is a bad horror film that somehow manages to take an amazing cast (for a horror film) and make it a bad, forgettable horror film with cursory ties to the original. It’s not shocking, considering it has a Die Hard type history of taking an unrelated project and converting it to the older franchise.

Recommendation to avoid at all costs.

A handful of EPK pieces are the highlight.

presents . Directed by Johannes Roberts. Written by Bryan Bertino and Ben Ketai. Starring Martin Henderson, Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison. Run Time: 85 minutes. Rated. Released on 6.5.18