WWE Raw 5/28/18 – Seth Battles Jinder For The IC Title

A Memorial Day tribute video airs to start things off with troops talking about what they’ve done for their country. Cole talks about those making the ultimate sacrifice before introducing Braun. Braun says that he’ll win MITB and get a Universal Title shot whenever he wants. He says no one in MITB can stop him. He mocks Balor for a bit and then Balor comes down to defend himself before they brawl. Kurt makes a rematch between them and they have yet another great match. Balor, in being able to have great matches with him, ensures a regular main event run. It’s a cat and mouse match and Balor comes close with a missile dropkick and then a mushroom stomp to the back before Owens gets involved to cause a DQ. Braun tosses a ladder at KO.Owens goes backstage and wants to leave, but Kurt won’t let him and he’s making him face Bobby Roode tonight.

Elias sings, but holds off until he gets complete silence. He doesn’t get it and Seth comes down to face Jinder. Seth and Jinder have a solid match, with Seth doing a great job of creating movement with dives. Jinder avoids one and gets a gutbuster for 2. Seth sets up the curb stomp, but Sunil pulls the leg and that lets Jinder recover. Jinder cheapshots him with a chair to the gut while the ref kicks out Sunil. Seth uses a chair on Jinder and gets DQed. Seth goes on the announce table and Elias guitars him to the back and sends him flying.

They go to take Seth out, but Seth leaves on his own. Nia comes out for an exhibition and says she’ll show Ronda tonight what she’ll do to her at MITB. She wants to have the armbar done to her to show her dominance. Nia Rampage bombs her out of it. The Samoan Drop hits and then she tells her that she’s never faced anything like that in the UFC. Ronda comes down to mean mug and Nia says she isn’t intimidated and finds it cute. Dana talks about crunching the numbers due to the random order of the gauntlet match. Bray and Matt beat The Ascension in a nothing match with the double flatliner. The B Team wants a shot at them, but Kurt says they haven’t done enough for a shot.

The Riott Squad destroys the babyface girls’ gear and puts RIOT on the wall. Owens and Roode have an okay, but unimpressive match. KO wins with a cradle and then gets bullied by Braun before he darts away. Braun powerslams him twice before he powerslams Roode. Sami talks about needing to apologize for last week. He apologizes for the skit and says thiings were unkind. Sami says that in fact, those weren’t Lashley’s sisters – they were men he hired to have fun at Lashley’s expense. Lashley comes down and he says he’ll Helluva kick the smile off Lashley’s face. Mickie says she’ll win the gauntlet tonight and go onto MITB.

Drew comes out to face Chad Gable and demolishes him with a missed Claymore kick. We get a giant, over-long B Team BBQ skit with the B Team and tons of jobbers. Rhyno has a bunch of bologna sandwiches. A food fight erupts and the B Team double chokeslams Rhyno through a table. Balor vs. KO is made for next week’s show, as is Braun vs. Roode. The B-Team meets with Kurt and says they’ve earned a tag gauntlet for next week to see who faces Bray and Matt. The gauntlet begins and Bayley beats Liv with a belly to Bayley instantly. Bayley victory rolls her to avoid a deadlift German and wins. A pop-up knee and double knee facebuster take Bayley out after hte match. Riott kick ends it for Bayley and Ruby moves on. Dana comes out and loses to the Riott Kick. Mickie comes out in her hot Wonder Woman gear. Mickie flapjacks her and goes for the Mickie-T, but Ruby uses the tights to win with a cradle. Sasha comes down and beats Ruby when she goes for the same cradle, but turns it into a crossface to win.

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