Impact Wrestling 5/31/18 Recap – Under Pressure

Sonjay is shown rallying the roster about the attacks backstage. He says that the authorities are contacted and they have it taken care of. The roster doesn’t believe it, so Petey says that he beleives in Sonjay. Tonight’s Under Pressure card is recapped with a video package. Eli comes out to face Scott Steiner, and they argue instead of wrestling – which is good. Scott gets an overhead belly to belly, which doesn’t look half bad. They brawl on the floor before going back in the ring for some corner chops and another belly to belly gets 2. Scott lands a flatliner and Eli recovers before going for a springboard moonsault, which Scott just drops down to avoid. Scott goes for the recliner, but Eli hits an electric chair drop awkwardly. Eli hits a blind chairshot to the head and gets the win. This was far better than expected.

Don says that Tessa should have a great year and he expects her to excel. Josh talks about Allie having the deck stacked agaisnt her against Su Yung in a casket match. Madison and Tessa are out and Madison hits a series of forearms. Tessa slams her down and Don says you can build a division around her. A full nelson swinging facebuster gets 2 for Tessa. Madison gets a step-up kick and hits some forearms and chops. Tessa lands a draping flatliner for 2.9 and Madison cradles her for a quick pin. Eddie Kingston brings in new hookers for LAX. An epic ad for Slammiversary airs that truly makes the company and event seem major league.

Cage’s worldwide tour is shown with him looking dominant, moonsault fools, and wrecking them with heavy shots. Dezmond Xavier comes out to face Cage. Xavier plays a cat and mouse game with him before Cage F5s him on the apron. Cage biels him from corner to corner, but Dezmond kicks him outside and hits a space flying tiger drop. Cage hits a weird catching Irish curse and Drill Claws him to win. Aries says for six months, he’s been winning belts and changing the industry. Aries says that he breathed new life into the company and he’s not done yet.

Su Yung and her undead bridesmaids bring the casket out in a very Lucha Underground-esque presentation for a casket match. Allie comes out in an Allie/Rosemary DemonBunny getup complete with face paint and Rosemary’s theme alongside her body language. Crazy pissed-off Allie is awesome! The yoga pants aren’t a bad look either. Allie gets a huge chant and charges over her. Allie snap suplexes her into the buckle, chops her, and Russian legsweeps her before she gets choked out. Allie eats a lot of chinlocks before getting a sliding D in the corner. Allie sends her outside before yelling “WE’RE ALLIE!” and hitting a forearm off the casket. Allie hits a charging forearm and gets another legsweep. Allie tosses a chair at her with “TNA” on the bottom of it before landing a codebreaker. Well, that’s just a bit stupid but it works. Allie goes to put her in the casket, but a gloved palm strike ends that. Allie superkicks her into the coffin, but Su gets the mandible claw.That takes Allie out and Su Yung wins the title – this was pretty good.

The GWN match of the week is Abyss vs. Sting in their own Last Rites match, with a candlestick busting Sting open badly. Sting hits him with one and puts him through a chair bridge with a tombstone on it before putting Abyss in a casket before it goes to the ceiling. Pentagon Jr. cuts a promo on Austin Aries with Josh talks about how the knockouts should be worried about Su Yung having the belt now. The backstage attacks are recapped alongside the Sami vs. Eddie Edwards feud. Eddie and Alisha argue before Aries comes out.

Pentagon Jr. comes out and Don hypes him up as a guy taking the company to new levels. Aries hits the low-pe to start things off before firing off with big forearms. They brawl more and the ref says it won’t start until he gets in – so he does and resumes the fight. Pentagon goes for the arm snapper before Aries escapes. He lands a windup forearm and sends him to the other side of the ring with a missile dropkick. Aries lands more forearms, but eats chops in response. Aries snaps the neck on the rope and lands the delayed seated elbow for 1. Kneebreaker/back suplex combo hits for Aries alongside the corner dropkick. Pentagon sets up a super package piledriver, but Aries avoids it and sunset bombs him into a last chancery. Pentagon gets to the rope and gets 2 off a pop-up lung blower. Pentagon teases a package piledriver on the apron before landing a draping neckbreaker and then a last chancery on the floor. Pentagon gets counted out and Aries says there needs to be a true winner.

Pentagon agrees and the match is restarted. He eats a discus forearm, but lands a package piledriver on the apron! Now that’s just insane. Both men get counted out here and he wants a restart, but the ref has already ended it. He changes his mind when Pentagon pleads with him, but as he goes to restart it, Aries kicks Pentagon low and hits the brainbuster! He floats over and gets the win and the title!


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