The Column: Talk On LGBTQ Heroes In Marvel & DC Comics

“Pride Month”

Welcome to the column where I talk about something boring and interesting.

I was thinking about what to talk about this time and then I heard that it was pride month.

Pride month; some of us do not even know what it is actually. Some of us do and we don’t care. Some of us care a lot.

Me personally, I don’t know much about it, but I wanted to show how it has improved in the comics world.

Some 20 years there were no gay heroes; that was a very different world in all purposes. But slowly and surely things were changing.

With the advent of the century more and more characters started to come out.

DC has the upperhand right now. They have Batwoman who has been confirmed gay from the start of Kate Kane’s modern era debut and has been in various relationships. Then John Constantine the Hellblazer, we also have Midnighter, we have the Ray, we have Apollo, we have the second Aqualad. But most of these characters are not prominent as top tier heroes.

But DC has recently confirmed that Wonder Woman, the world’s most popular female superhero is bisexual. It had been alluded over the years, but DC recently confirmed it.

Another long time running subtle romance is the one between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. They first got together in the Bombshells universe, then Injustice, and finally in the main DC universe.

These two characters have appeared in movies and it would be great for them to acknowledge these on the big screen.

On the Marvel side we have some long running relationships like the one between Karolina of the Runaways with Xavin and the one between Wiccan and Hulking. They also have a prominent LGBTQ+ character in America Chavez which is a step in the right direction. They are many more including Hercules, Northstar, Iceman, Ayo and Aneka and Angela, who is Thor’s sister, too.

So, this is an ode to these amazing characters who routinely save the world despite some of the world hating who they are. This pride month, something I have recently come to know about is awesome and definitely much needed for our world.

All I can say to anybody reading this is that, the world is tough, not everybody is gonna like you for you are. They are gonna hate you, tear you apart, but that is just a few. There are all those who love you and believe in you for who you are and that,  that is something truly amazing.

Happy pride month.

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