WWE Raw 6/4/18 Recap – Balor vs. Owens

Elias starts the show off and says he carries wind in his fist and a guitar across his chest. Elias says that as much pain as he gave Seth, it hurt him even more to smash one of his favorite guitars. He sings and we see Elias guitar shot him until Seth walks down. They square off with Seth using a chair and Elias using his guitar. Seth knocks the guitar out of his hands and Jinder attacks Seth. Holla holla tag match incoming. Roman makes a save and Kurt makes a tag match.

Seth brawls with Jinder and Elias brawls with Roman. Instead of split screen stuff here in 2018 with widescreen TVs, we just get never-ending shaky cam for both brawls. Jinder chokes Seth with the rope and Elias tags in to lariat him. Jinder comes in and Seth low bridges him to bring Roman into the fray. Roman brawls, but Samir saves Jinder from the drive by and Elias clubs him. Elias slugs him in the corner before Jinder locks on another chinlock before thankfully tagging Elias in for a giant running kneedrop before tagging Jinder in for ANOTHER CHINLOCK. Jinder and Seth get tagged in for a falcon arrow for 2. Roman hits a drive by and Seth superkicks Elias. Jinder and Roman brawl on the floor and Elias eats an enzuiguri before Seth dives onto Jinder. Singh brings a chair in and Elias DDTs him on it. Ref sees it, but doesn’t DQ him for some reason. Drift Away hits and Elias pins him.

Curt Hawkins comes down to face James Harden and if Curt wins, everyone in the building gets tacos. A large Hawkins chant breaks out and Baron Corbin is out and causes a loss to Hawkins by DQ when he hits the End of Days. Baron drops the table of tacos and fixings on Hawkins. Ronda gives Nattie some pointers on punching. Baron reads a letter from Steph naming him the constable of Raw – and he is now Steph’s representative. Constable Corbin is a thing.

Ronda is on commentary and talks about giving Nattie pointers on her stance. Nattie goes for a headlock before Nia shoves her off and bowls her over. Ronda is told that Nia says she’s ripe for the picking before stating that only her husband can say that about her. Nia gets a chinlock and looks at Ronda before headbutting Nattie. Nattie jacks her jaw and dropkicks her. Nia eats a discus lariat for 2, but Nattie’s knee goes out on a running dropkick. Nia Samoan Drops her to win. Ronda walks down to prevent an attack and mean mugs her and then Ronda helps Nattie out.

Bobby Roode plays with his robe before Renee asks him about how he feels before his first MITB match. Roode’s awkward GLORIOUS was funny. He seems to be teasing a heel turn here, thank God. Braun caoms down, followed by Roode, who gets tossed around. Braun chargers into Roode’s elbow twice before HITTING HIS SHOULDER ON THE POST. Roode sets up a ladder bridge, which isn’t a DQ or even a warning. Roode and Braun chase and Bobby hides behind the ladder, which Braun splits in half with his hands. Powerslam ends it.

Dasha interviews KO about his match with Balor. He doesn’t care about the guys from Raw and SD in the MITB match – he wants the contract. Nia apologizes to Nattie about her knee injury. Ronda is mad for some reason despite it being a freak accident, and Nia and Ronda argue before Nattie begs for them to stop. This was just terrible. Cole trolls the Woken Hardy stuff for a bit before Matt and Bray come down for an interview about the tag team battle royal – all seven other teams. Matt and Bray say some stuff before Matt chatters his teeth and claps. He calls for the battlefield to be prepared for annihilation, but Bray demands suffering first. Oh lordy this was bad.

Schick Hydro brings us a video package of Finn Balor’s shaved chest. The B Team comes out to their great theme. EVERYONE BRAWLS WHILE THEY RUN THE RULES DOWN over the mic. Hilarious. Drw is dropkicked out by Breeze and Drew and Dolph attack folks. The Revival takes out Titus, Breezango, and the Ascension but the B Team takes out Rhyno and wins it – so they’ll go onto MITB for the titles. Sami says shaking Bobby’s hand broke it and he hasn’t even been able to make his organic tofu steaks. He then mocks Lashley’s Instagram posts and his fan club. Sami says Lashley didn’t serve in the Army and then things just end.

Jinder says Roman is jealous of him, Roman ssays he isn’t, and they brawl. Alexa, Ember, and Sasha are out to face the Riott Squad. Ember hits a slingshot splash onto Ruby for 2. Alexa fakes a knee blowout – so this is the second angle like that on the show and the second of two involving the female roster. Alexa is gone after the break and Sasha runs wild on Liv. They all stomp a mudhole in her before Liv does a kneeling full nelson. Bayley comes in and wins with a belly and wins. Well, that shouldn’t be legal. Constable Corbin doesn’t believe that this is right. Baron demands that that match not count. Backsage, they all bury Alexa for acting hurt. Ember says that Bayley saved them and then she makes up with Sasha. Kurt says that due to Bayley not being legal, they lose by DQ and Baron berates the ref.

Big Show comes out with Special Olympians before Finn comes out to pose alongside them. KO stalls for a bit. Finn hits an apron kick, but KO gets him in a chinlock. Finn hits a flip dive. Balor hits the shotgun kick and he goes for the double stomp, but gets crotched. KO puts him in a tree of woe and stomps away before getting DQed for kicking too much ass. KO frog splashes him. KO climbs up a ladder and teases a frog splash from various heights before chickening out and getting pulled down and beaten up before Balor hits the double stomp off a ladder and grabs a case – so he’s not winning.


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