Blu-Ray Review – Orange Is The New Black (Season 5)

Over the length of Orange is the New Black the show has had an interesting transformation. It started out as the tale of Piper (Taylor Schilling) as she did 15 months in a woman’s prison for drug smuggling. The problem began during the show was that Piper wasn’t exactly the most compelling or likable of characters.

That’s kind of a problem when your show is about her experience in prison. The plus side is that the cast of characters, and a diverse but amazing group of women, managed to steal the show from under her as a volume of compelling and interesting characters were developed around her. And thus, the show has evolved into more of a communal look at women in prison as opposed to Piper’s experience behind bars.

When we start this season it’s right as season four ended: Pusey’s death has caused a full-scale riot and now the women are in charge. This season follows the women as they take over the prison, demanding reform and having taken everyone who works their hostage.

It’s interesting to see how little Piper is involved in her own show this season; she’s basically there as a side character, kind of walking through as the characters of significance handle the large events of the season. It’s much more entertaining because of it, too. Piper and Alex (Laura Prepon) are now positioned more as comic relief in a weird sense than they are as main characters.

It’s also the reason why this might’ve been the strongest season so far of Orange is the New Black; playing to the obvious strengths of an ensemble cast and staying away from its least likable character to carry large portions of the show.

A piece on filming the same three day period for six months, and a gag reel, are included.

Lionsgate presents Orange is the New Black (Season 5). Created by Jenji Kohan based on the novel “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.” by Piper Kerman. Starring Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Dascha Polanco, Adrienne Moore. Run Time: 725 minutes. Not Rated. Released on: 6.12.18


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