New WWE Fan Survey Hints Potential 2019 DVDs


As the WWE Network increases in popularity and, regrettably, extending major events to four hours in length (starting with June’s Money in the Bank), we’ve seen a downtrend in terms of physical media. WWE Blu-ray production is such a low priority that, at least in the U.S., looks like it will be phased out entirely. Most die-hard collectors don’t like the idea of having HD quality material not being released on Blu-ray media and have decided to boycott WWE DVD releases.

All this notwithstanding, a new “Fan Council” survey went out to select members of the WWE Universe to get their feedback to various questions, including:

How many DVDs and Blu-rays (WWE or non-WWE) has the respondent has purchased in the past 2 years?*
Has the WWE Network had an effect on what they purchase on home video?

Plus, the surveys gauges interest in this list of 30 different titles.

For a complete synopsis of each title, check out PWInsider.


Asuka: Empress of Tomorrow
The Best of Charlotte Flair
John Cena: The Face that Runs the Place
John Cena (Match Comp)
Four Horsewomen
The Best of Alexa Bliss
Shinsuke Nakamura – Rock Star
The Best of Roman Reigns
Finn Bálor – For Everyone
I Am Phenomenal: The AJ Styles Story
The Very Best of Braun Strowman
The Miz: A-List Superstar
The Best of Dean Ambrose
It’s a New Day, Yes It Is!


“Rowdy” Roddy Piper Unreleased
The Best of Trish Stratus
Million Dollar Man
The Best of Ravishing Rick Rude
The Greatest Matches & Moments of Goldust
The Best of Andre the Giant


SmackDown 20th Anniversary
The Best of NXT 2018
History of the ECW Championship
The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2018
The Best of NXT TakeOver – 2018
Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2018
The Best of WWE Superstars

*This answer is to be highly skewed to more WWE DVDs purchased than Blu-rays on account of titles produced for both formats. (I’ve always advocated to have WWE Blu-rays either be WWE website exclusive or produced like Warner Bros. does with its Warner Archive releases.)

Of the titles listed, the ones I’m personally interested are The Miz: A-List Superstar; The Best of “Ravishing” Rick Rude; The Best of Andre the Giant; SmackDown 20th Anniversary; The Best of WWE Superstars; and anything related to NXT.

Sound off in the comments selection on what you want to see WWE release in 2019.

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