DC Comics Universe & Justice League #1 Spoilers: What Is The New Threat That Dooms The Multiverse? Plus The Injustice Gang Vs. The Legion Of Doom? DC One Million Returns?

DC Comics Universe and Justice League #1 Spoilers follow.

What Is The New Threat That Dooms The Multiverse?

Plus The Injustice Gang Vs. The Legion Of Doom?

The book opens with a cross-time threat that threats the multiverse. We see the return of DC One Million to the DC Rebirth era timeline, as well as to one Monitor in the distant past, Kamandi post apocalyptic timeline and a modern day where a cosmic cabal exists of Gantnet, a Guardian of the Galaxy, Highfather of the New Gods, Hera of Geek myth, the Phantom Stranger and the Wizard Shazam.

We also get a look at the Justice League’s HQ the Hall of Justice…

…and the team roster of Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hawkgirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, but no Green Lantern John Stewart yet.

At the same time Lex Luthor attacks immortal villain Vandal Savage to what purpose we don’t know… yet.

After the Justice League defeats the threats they were fighting, including Vandal Savage’s forces of the moon, Martian Manhunter calls an physic meeting for the team which includes a psychic boardroom table and chairs; the symbol in the middle of the table is not the Justice League symbol, but the equivalent symbol for Justice in Martian; you probably caught that symbol early in the issue when the Hall of Justice debuted.

The team learns of the threat the multiverse that is coming that we saw impacting various points in time; it is a Totality with someone/thing at its centre that will lead to a new Crisis-level extinction event.

Green Lantern John Stewart will be key in defeating the threat…

…as Lex Luthor takes over the base that Vandal Savage had created for his Injustice Gang that looks like the classic Legion of Doom of Doom headquarters. We also get some foreshadowing of “someone” imprisoned in their basement.

We also get a look through Martian Manhunter of what is yet to come as…

…Lex Luthor shifts from Superman arch-foe to Martian Manhunter’s arch-foe?

Lex Luthor thinks he’s still a hero, but to what end? What is his plan to deal with the Totality and the entropy likely to ensue?

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