DC Comics Universe & Batman: Prelude To The Wedding – Nightwing Vs Hush #1 Spoilers: More Pre Batman & Catwoman Hijinks As Hush Strikes & Reveals A New Face, With Joker Looming Large?

DC Comics Universe and Batman: Prelude To The Wedding – Nightwing Vs Hush #1 Spoilers follow.

More Pre Batman and Catwoman Hijinks As Hush Strikes and Reveals A New Face, With Joker Looming Large?

A big reveal in this issue is Hush’s new face! As we know, he started off with his “real” face of Doctor Tommy Elliot a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne…

…he became Hush and…

..even masqueraded as an adult Jason Todd when everyone still thought he was dead…

…and later assumed the face of Bruce Wayne.

Well this issue, Hush reveals his new face. More on that in a minute, but this issue starts with a bachelor party for Batman with Superman and Nightwing in attendance (spoilers here). Then Hush crashes the party.

In the battle, Nightwing and Hush get shoved through the lightning door and end up in the Betwixt described as a “little leak in the Bleed or whatever, right in the in between the real world and the unworld.”

It seems the homogenous and faceless Gone Men despise individuality and want to consume it; they don’t get vistors often so Hish and Nightwing are supper.

They escape to Wayne Manor to strategize how to defeat the Gone Men, but Hush can’t be trusted and attacks Nightwing. He is defeated, but reveals that the Joker told him about Batman’s wedding and decides…

…to reveal his new face to Dick Grayson. Hush now looks like Dock Gryason under the bandages!

Batman saves Nightwing from the Betwixt, but Hush isn’t saved.

The book ends with some father-son talk as…

…Nightwing realizes and is ok with Superman being Batman’s best man.

We then tease part 3 of this 6 part prelude to the wedding one-shots with…

…Batgirl learning the Joker knows about the Batman and Catwoman wedding and is telling others and leaving his mark on others like the Riddler?

Next up is Batman: Prelude To The Wedding – Batgirl vs. The Riddler #1.

That is on sale on June 13, 2018.

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