The Column: DC Universe (Spoiler) Talk on Justice League 1 by Snyder and Cheung.

“Justice League 1”

Welcome to the column where I have no idea what to talk about .

I thought this week we could just go through a comic that was released this week.

Justice League #1

Priced at 3.99$ and twice monthly, the first issue dropped this week. It has a creative team of Scott Snyder as the writer and Jim Cheung on art for the first issue and Jorge Jimenez and Doug Mahnke on the way.


During the New 52, the Justice League was the premiere and the flagship book. It was the place where most of the major developments and the universe encompassing stories took place. While Rebirth revitalized various titles, the Justice League took a hit. The series wasn’t necessarily bad per se, but it was not what it should have been. The ill fated companion series JLA started great, but soon lost steam and was also folded into this “New Justice” relaunch.

So DC gave the JLA reins to Priest who gave us a decent final arc and set it up for the events of No Justice and the relaunch.

Metal and No Justice

Scott Snyder had been weaving his own JL epic out of the event Dark Nights: Metal where he brought back various fan favorites like Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man. He then rocketed on to a justice league event mini-series which brought in some more of the DC universe. Then it was revealed he had been setting up his own Justice League run which we have finally gotten.

So how was it?

Actually it was pretty fricking good. The line-up seems reminiscent of the old JL animated series with a few changes. The story was impressive and seems to be universe consuming and it threatens to be even bigger by bringing in various timelines and the multiverse.

Martian Manhunter is back and he is the leader as chosen by the League. He shows us how much we have been missing him and it turns out we are not the only ones. Snyder turns in a massive script where Batman uses the bombs he has in a moon to blow it up and another moment where the Leaguers do their best Batman impressions. Also Superman is said to do the best Batman Impression; Go figure.

They also bring in the first in-continuity Legion of Doom with a great lineup as well. Lex Luthor returns to being a villian along with savage Lex is intriguing and a fresh deviation from the usual Superman vs. lex Luthor trope.

Also, there’s “the Totality”. A force is coming towards the Earth escaping from the Source Wall after the League broke it in Metal. Also The MULTIVERSE IS DYING. But, hey, no big deal.

So I am impressed with this first issue and look forward to the next one especially the interactions and the sure to be coming fights between the JL and the Legion and also the entirety of this hopefully awesome run.

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