Impact Wrestling 6/14/18 Recap – Sydal battles Cage and the X Attacker is Revealed

Moose enters the building and we’re told he is vowing to win the title in 2018. Cage vs. Sydal is hyped up, while Eli Drake faces Moose with the winner facing Aries at Slammiversary. Grado and Katarina come out while we get a recap of Eddie trying to take Sami out. Eddie comes down and takes out Grado before complaining about Tommy getting in his way. Tommy Dreamer comes down and talks about knowing about the evolution of wrestling and things have moved on from the mentality Eddie has. Chairshots are dangerous, canes are dangerous and he’s a hypocrite. He talks about his obsession with Raven and Eddie says that this is his time to deal with things with Sami like he did 20 years ago. Tommy talks about Eddie not talking to his wife and that’s a line-crosser for Eddie. Tommy stands up to him and shoves Eddie down before Eddie canes him. Tommy tells D’Amore that he’s done.

Don and Josh talk about Moose vs. Eli and Tessa vs. Kiera Hogan, with Don calling her a good prospect. Rebel comes out in booty shorts while Josh talks about her past in the Menagerie as a group of circus folk who lost their circus and got into the company to earn money and win it back. As you do. Taya blocks a sunset flip with a double stomp. Taya hits an assalanche and gets 2. Rebel gets 2 off a corner sunset flip before a crosschop and running knee hit. FFG hits for 2, but a moonsault doesn’t hit and a Taya spear does before the Road to Valhalla ends it. AJ vs. Daniels vs. Joe is the GWN match.

Matt Sydal talks about Cage being huge and powerful – but he only has external strength and he sees his internal weaknesses. Sami and OVE cut a promo with Sami’s eye sealed shut and Jake will face Fantasma later. The Cult of Lee is out to face Bahh and KM. Fans to the Bahh! deal. Bahh gets blinded and he accidentally Samoan Drops KM, resulting in a loss. KM gets pissed and goes back to his heel act. The Eli Drake vs. Moose feud is recapped. Kingston tells LAX that he got them a tag title shot next week. He gets them a bit drunk and lets them leave before declaring that the world is his – they’re doing a very Lucha Underground-esque job of letting you see there’s more to the story while letting it all organically play out.

Moose faces Eli at a House of Hardcore show. Moose chops him and beats him up a bit outside, but Eli gets a bit of an edge on the floor and then works him over in the corner. Moose hits the Go to Hell for 2.5. Moose counters a pump kick with a powerbomb for 2. Moose hits the kick and hits a spear for 3 – so he’s going to the PPV in the World title match. Tessa is shown constantly destroying Kiera Hogan in the past. Kiera and Tessa brawl for a bit before landing a rana to the floor. Kiera avoids a flatliner on the corner, and Tessa lands the hammerlock DDT but it only gets 2.9. Kiera avoids a chairshot and calls Tessa a bitch before superkicking her and bulldogging her into the chair for 2. Tessa hits a swinging full nelson facebuster into the chair to win.

The backstage attacks are shown and having Don do the VO works so well. Josh says it could be Petey, but Don says he doesn’t care for Petey – or many others really. He says that he would rather see things play out for legal reasons, and there’s no pattern to it, so it’s that much scarier. Jake Crist comes down to face Fantasma, leading to a brawl starting off the match. Fantasma gets a rolling cradle and pins him with a unique variant on a legscissor to win. The rest of the goons jump Fantasma until Pentagon Jr. saves Fantasma.

Brian Cage comes out to face Matt Sydal and get his first shot at an Impact title. Cage elbows him down to start and Cage just does bicep curls with him. Jacobs and Kong are down to distract him and it works. Sydal hits a superkick and a jumping knee. Sydal shotgun knees him and locks in a modified leg choke, but Cage gets a capture suplex and tosses him across the ring. Cage powerplexes him into the ring for 2. Cage gets counted out thanks to a Kong toss into the steps. Backstage, Petey finds Bahh down and he is holding the X. Dutt has him arrested and the “cop” beats up Petey violently and says he’s going to arrest him for the crimes he should’ve committed. Petey gets chokes out and the unknown assailant is now at least visible and tells the camera man to call the police before laying another X card down on Petey.

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