DC Comics Universe, Heroes In Crisis vs. Identity Crisis Spoilers: DC Publisher Dan DiDio Plans For 2018 Mental Health & Sanctuary Tale To Be As Controversial As 2004 Justice League Story?!

DC Comics Universe, Heroes In Crisis vs. Identity Crisis Spoilers follows.

DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio Plans For Writer Tom King and Artist Clay Mann’s 2018 Tale Of Mental Health and Sanctuary – called Heroes in Crisis (full spoilers here) – To Be Welcomed and Have Impact Like Writer Brad Meltzer and Artist Rags Morales’ Controversial 2004 Identity Crisis Justice League Story?!

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      Very excited about publishing this series and it plans to have the same visceral impact as past books like Identity Crisis.

(3) Why this comparison is important:

In 2004 Identity Crisis, available today in tpb, hardcover and digitally, used the classic “Crisis” event title for DC Comics to provide a very grounded tale that had many controversial life changing and relationship changing moments including the death of Tim Drake’s father, at the time Tim was Batman’s Robin, by Captain Boomerang…

…the rape and murder of Sue Dibny, the Elongated Man’s wife by a vile Doctor Light…

…the Justice League of America (JLA) decision to effectively mindwipe Doctor Light into a docile villain…

…and then the JLA mindwiping Batman so he wouldn’t remember these events as he disagreed with them.

These were controversial happenings, amongst a few others in the series, that divided fandom, but set a new tone for DC that was felt for well over a decade starting in 2004.

With Heroes in Crisis in 2018, I expect that the topic of mental health is controversial so I’m curious whether this tale will include history / continuity rewrites that will divide fans, e.g. mental health being used to explain a characters a behaviour in year’s gone by for example, in the same way Identity Crisis did?

Well looks like Heroes in Crisis will get fans talking and talking about mental health will help reduce the stigma which is an important and needed objective for a tale like this.

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