Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Money in the Bank 2018

Tonight is WWE Money in the Bank 2018!

Here is the Pulse Wrestling crew’s full preview and predictions:

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Finn Balor vs. Braun Strowman vs. The Miz vs. Rusev vs. New Day member vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe
Spain: More than the women’s match, there are several possible winners who could provide a truly compelling story with the briefcase. Owens jumping Lesnar and putting a horrifying beatdown on the Beast before taking the Championship would be perfect, as would Strowman or Balor cashing in after a hard-fought Lesnar victory. On the SmackDown side of things, Miz is another fantastic candidate, and it’s hard to imagine anything more dangerous than Samoa Joe with the briefcase. On the face of it, I’ve got to go with what seems the most straightforward and bet on the Miz.
Winner (and Mr. Money in the Bank): The Miz

Harrak: Personally I’d like to see either Finn Bálor or Kevin Owens with the briefcase. And that’s great cause my gut is telling me Owens will be the one walking away with the luggage. He’s been a non-factor since moving to Monday’s while KO with the MITB contract is creative gold.

Sebastian Howard: This is legit such a tough one to predict because realistically it could be just about anyone winning the MITB matches, Strowman, Balor, Miz, Joe, Owens and New Day all seem like credible winners and it really comes down to who WWE feels like pulling the trigger on. I guess I’m going to go with New Day for the men’s…

Widro – I think this goes to New Day and they do some wackiness about who gets to cash in.
Winner: New Day

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Ember Moon vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi vs. Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya vs. Lana vs. Sasha Banks

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Winner (and Ms. Money in the Bank): Sasha Banks

Harrak: A lot of factors hint at a heel turn by someone in this match. Whether it’s Sasha finally reverting to full heel or Becky Lynch screwing over Charlotte, is MITB bank is going to be very story heavy. That said, a heel Sasha with the case or Bliss being that Rollins-esque style contract holder can make for great TV.

Sebastian Howard: Another tough one…. I feel like if Rousey wins the title from Nia than Natayla is definitely winning the MITB and cashing it in the same night because Rousey as champ is too risky right now and her chasing the title with an interesting story line would give her something to do other than feud with Stephanie. WWE might not go this route though because its too “predictable”… Bliss as MITB would be fun but she doesn’t really need it. I think, if we’re ignoring the Natayla possibility it really comes down to Sasha or Becky. Sasha really needs something to grasp onto but whenever she’s won the title she loses it immediately so her winning MITB might not seem like as big of a deal as it should be. I’m going with Becky simply based on the rumors that she’s started banging Cena.

Widro – Last year’s was a farce that set the division back and created the current horrendous title scene on Smackdown.
Winner: Natalya

WWE Championship
Last Man Standing Match
AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Spain: I think this is these guys’ last chance to put on their five-star match, and I think it’s going to result in Nakamura’s first Championship. Shame that what should have been a white-hot feud has been so poorly handled, but I guess that’s just what we’ve been trained to accept from WWE.
Winner (and new WWE Champion): Shinsuke Nakamura

Harrak: Nakamura has to win this tonight right? Don’t get me wrong, heel Nakamura is connecting waaaaaaaay better than baby face Shinsuke did but I really don’t envision him as WWE champion. Let’s be honest, anyone besides AJ Styles as champion is a step down. The question is whether or not it’s worth taking a chance with Nakamura when Styles keeps consistently delivering.

Sebastian Howard: AJ wears a cup, they do the the double low blow spot and AJ Gets up before ten, thus ending the feud. This is the DUMBEST fucking ending they could come up so I’m sure its what we’re going to get.

Widro – This has been a worst case scenario for this feud in WWE.
Winner: Styles

WWE RAW Women’s Championship
Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey

Spain: Jesus Christ, what a clusterfuck. Nobody wants this match yet; Ronda’s not earned this match; she’s almost certainly not a good enough wrestler to hold the belt, and it would leave RAW with two absentee Champions. At the same time, I can’t imagine Rousey being allowed to lose her first singles match, so this is quite the corner WWE’s been backed into. Call it a win for Nia via interference from Natalya or whatever: that’s the only way this could end sensibly.
Winner (and still WWE RAW Women’s Champion): Nia Jax

Harrak: Ronda Rousey but by DQ. It’ll be some sort of story where Rousey is winning the match easily in the ring but then Nia busts out some “professional wrestling” and shows Rousey that the WWE is a different world than MMA.

Sebastian Howard: This is a tough pick because if Natayla wins the Women’s MITB then Ronda is most definitely winning the title or vice versa depending on the order it happens in (though if Natties cashing in on the same night then it only makes sense that the women’s mitb happens before this match). I’m going to go with Nia here, probably an extension of the Stephanie/Rousey feud where Stephanie costs Rousey the match somehow.

Widro – This has been one of the most rushed, worst storylines in a long time.
Winner: Jax (Rousey could win by DQ or something but Jax stays champ)

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
Carmella vs. Asuka

Spain: On paper, it seems like Asuka should stomp the shit out of Carmella, but like the Bludgeon Brothers, Carmella is too new a champ to lose the belt, particularly considering her cash-in win. I think Asuka will win, but due to a count-out or DQ.
Winner (but not WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion): Asuka

Harrak: Asuka right? Nah keep it on Carmella. She’s getting the heat she should be getting and I think a decent title run could really get a strong baby face over against her. Of course though this is the WWE & I will not be surprised if Mella is a transitional champion so Asuka didn’t have to beat Charlotte.

Sebastian Howard: Carmella’s the easy pick here, huge push and they just put her over Charlotte clean as a sheet. I’m sure there will be some cheating or IIconics interference here but Carmella’s most definitely going over here.

Widro – Truly an embarassment, Carmella’s workrate is among the worst for any WWE champion in any division. So of course she will beat Asuka here.
Winner: Carmella

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships
Bludgeon Brothers vs. Gallows and Anderson

Spain: I’m intrigued by the physical challenge that Gallows can offer Harper and Rowan, but beyond that a title change seems unlikely; it’s far too early to take the belts off a pair of monster heels like them.
Winners (and still WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions): Bludgeon Brothers

Harrak: I love the Good Brothers & I think Anderson in particular has stepped up his game tremendously over the last few months. But the Bludgeon Brothers haven’t shown even a hint of weakness so there’s no way they dropped the straps yet.

Sebastian Howard: Bludgies win this….

Widro – Good Brothers are jobbers in WWE.
Winner: Bludgeon Brothers

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

Spain: I can truly not put into words my irritation with this feud. Bryan murdering a big man should be a great prospect, but making this whole thing about height is just ridiculous. The best thing for all involved would be for Bryan to win and move onto some title feuds, leaving Cass free to forget about his height obsession and get a realistic motivation.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Harrak: Why is Daniel Bryan eating crap sandwiches on PPV? Arguably the hottest star coming out of WrestleMania has done squat so far since his return. I honestly don’t care who wins this match cause it appears this feud may be over after this match (at least I hope so).

Sebastian Howard: I REALLY fucking hope they don’t put over Cass here but they might if they want to continue the feud. I will say this for the feud, Cass has made himself actually hate able in a way that a lot of heels don’t. His comments about how he’s better because he’s big even though Bryan has kicked his ass on multiple occasions… it works in a way because you understand Cass’s mindset even if your utterly pissed off about it and know he’s wrong. Cass very much seems like a pissed off old wrestler who was working back in the 80s/90s when everyone had to be 6 ft 2 at a minimum to main event and you WANT to see Bryan kick his ass. The thing is here, as much as I want to pick Bryan and see this fucking feud end Cass will look like a COMPLETE pussy if he doesn’t win here and the feud will most definitely be finished. I don’t think that’s what Vince wants, he wants to keep on trolling the smarts by being, “Oh Daniel Bryan’s back? You want to see him? Well how about him and BIG CASS YOU FUCKERS!” Think about how this feud has gone so far, Cass has beaten up Bryan a bit but its usually in an unfair situation, Bryan beat him last time they wrestled and Cass attacked him afterward but Bryan still won. Then on Smackdown Cass came down talking a bunch of shit and Bryan just wrecked his shit. Whenever its one on one Bryan kills Cass… so if they want to keep this feud that NO ONE WANTS to keep on going Cass needs to win this one. So with resignation I’m picking Cass.

Widro – Imagine all the dream scenarios for Daniel Bryan coming back and it turns into first a two match PPV series with ultra greenhorn Big Cass. What a garbage match and feud.
Winner: Bryan

Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn

Spain: If there was ever a feud from RAW which could compete with Bryan and Cass in terms of pure stupidity, then it’s this one. Unlike SmackDown’s dumb story, however, I’m quite sure we’re going to watch the Underdog from the Underground get massacred.
Winner: Bobby Lashley

Harrak: Why is this feud still happening? The one time Bobby Lashley was interesting was as a heel monster proving he’s a badass. And they’ve had Sami Zayn basically turn him into a punch line. End this feud now & get Lashley something interesting where he can just beat people up.

Sebastian Howard: Lashley… unfortunately. Lashley needs a heel turn or to start just destroying people or do SOMETHING to reconnect with the audience. Its so weird that someone who was so over in 06-07 and even recently in TNA is such a fucking bore to watch and gets NO crowd reaction.

Widro – Awful storyline, Lashley is poison in WWE.
Winner: Lashley

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Seth Rollins vs. Elias

Spain: This is a tough one to predict. I think Rollins can do more with the Championship, and if he’s going to drop it to Elias then it’ll have far more impact if he does so as part of a feud. I’m betting Rollins retains, either through a straight victory or some kind of screwy finish.
Winner (and still Intercontinental Champion): Seth Rollins

Harrak: I’m going to believe the rumors & say Elias wins the championship here so Rollins can move on to a SummerSlam feud against Brock Lesnar. Anything to get the belt off of Brock & back on to someone who wrestles every week.

Sebastian Howard: Giving Elias the IC title here would be kind of cool but I’m not sure that he would do much with it because whenever a cowardly heel wins a midcard title in WWE they just lose non title matches all the time but retain when it matters. Rollins has also been on fire lately with his matches and crowd reaction and Rollins can’t really go for the main title right now so I’m sure they’re going to keep the title on Rollins.

Widro – Considering Seth is getting over as a babyface, he will need to start jobbing immediately to kill his momentum.
Winner: Elias

Who cares yawn fest
Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

Spain: I. Cannot. Wait. This is hopefully going to be the biggest pop of Jinder Mahal’s career, and I want to see him treated like a damn hero. This is probably going to be the worst match on the card from a technical standpoint, but the reactions will hopefully make it the comedy moment of the night. I can only imagine Reigns winning, because surely even WWE isn’t so stupid as to continue with this sort of suicide.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Harrak: Yup… ugh. I don’t know what both guys did to deserve this but this pairing of wrestlers was dead the moment someone thought it was a good idea. It wasn’t.

Sebastian Howard: I’m sure the Creative meeting for this one went something like this. “Reigns is being booed out of the building right, well why don’t we give him an opponent that’s SO LAME and also hated by the fans almost as much as him…. I mean they’ll HAVE to cheer Reigns right, RIGHT!?” Very obvious booking going on here, Reigns is going to win because he’s Roman Reigns and the only person who can beat him clean is Lesnar.

Widro – Every match involving Roman Reigns is an instant DUD, as the biggest failure in wrestling history continues on, oblivious.
Winner: Reigns

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