DC Comics Universe & The Man Of Steel #4 Spoilers: Rogol Zaar Vs. Superman & Supergirl! Plus The Superboy & Lois Lane Mystery Deepens With Mr. Oz?!

DC Comics Universe and The Man Of Steel #4 Spoilers follows.

Rogol Zaar Vs. Superman and Supergirl! Plus The Superboy and Lois Lane Mystery Deepens With Mr. Oz?!

Rogol Zaar finally clashes in modern day Metropolis with Superman and Supergirl.

Rogol Zaar or his powerful Kryptonian axe are powered by the sun, like Superman and Supergirl are, and…

…Rogol Zaar gets the upperhand as Superman goes unconscious.

We then go back into the past to try to unravel where Superman’s family, wife Lois Lane and son Jon Kent Superboy are, and…

…and learn that Mr. Oz, Superman’s father Jor-el, has something to do with it.

We then move back to modern day where Superman explains to Green Lantern that Rogol Zaar said…

…he wants to cleanse the Kryptonian bloodline from the universe.

Superman heads to the Fortress of Solitude where Rogol Zaar is waiting.

Rogol Zaar tells Superman he knew his dad well and wonders if Superman procreated with a weak human. Superman goes…

…supernova with his in recent years new sunburst power?

Next week we have the penultimate issue of the Man of Steel weekly series.

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