Impact Wrestling 6/28/18 Recap – Madison faces Tessa Blanchard

LAX’s title win is recapped – furthering the rise of LAX under King. Eddie’s nervous breakdown is shown alongside Kongo Kong destroying Cage, Su Yung playing mind games with Madison Rayne, and Killer Kross threatening the roster. Madison comes out and says Su Yung isn’t getting the stay at home mom – she’s getting the five time knockouts champion. Tessa says that Madison might be mother of the year, but she’s not the wrestler of this year – because it’s 2018 and not 2011 anymore. They yammer on forever and then Su Yung does creepy things to thankfully end this. Sami vs. Pentagon Jr. will be shown from PCW, Sydal faces Dezmond, and Rich Swann comes out for his Impact debut against Trevor Lee. Lee gets dropkicked and falls like a tree. Swann eats a double-flip backdrop and Lee poses – greatness. Triangle corkscrew flip dive to the floor from Swann! Corkscrew frog splash hits for 2 and a second rope phoenix splash ends it – Swann is going to be the man in the X division.

Pentagon Jr and Sami are shown brawling in a cage match in PCW Ultra before OVE comes in to attack Pentagon and Sami takes his mask. We get clips of a King of the Mountain match from 2005. Grado and Katarina do wacky comedy. She’ll be wrestling next week and Grado had no idea she was even a wrestler – it was a different season when she was a knockouts champion. The Desi Hit Squad comes out to no reaction. They’ll face Z and E, who shine brightly when Everett does a springboard Fosbury flop to the floor! Rain trigger into a sky high gets 2.5. Z and E have the win off a moonsault, but Gama Singh gets involved to distract the ref and the heels win with a schoolboy using the trunks.

Pentagon challenges Sami for a match under lucha rules – mask vs. hair, at Slammiversary. Moose talks about his tough childhood and that making him who he is today. He says his mother supported him in wrestling, while his ex-wife didn’t. We see Eddie Edwards split Tommy Dreamer open and spread the blood on his own face. Moose confronts him and Eddie tells him to leave him alone. King celebrates with LAX and has cigars for everyone but Konnan. Konnan tells him to not lie and King starts accusing Konnan of not helping because he was in a hospital bed. Konnan tells LAX that King is BSing them and took him out and he’ll show proof soon enough.

Dezmond hits a big dropkick and sends him outside. Dezmond wants a dive, but Sydal goes under hte ring to avoid that and sunset flips in. Sydal hits a cheapshot forearm. Dezmond takes him down and goes for a dive, but Sydal knocks the ref into the ropes and hits his double wristlock driver to win. Cage comes down to attack Sydal, but Kong destroys him. Sami accepts the challenge of Pentagon Jr. and puts over his hair as being with him in his life’s toughest moments and greatest moments – and he’ll put it on the line to take Pentagon’s mask. Aries talks about being a triumph and being the undisputed champion. Tessa and Madison are out for their match. Tessa gets a backdrop suplex for 2. Madison gets a corner lariat and a sliding D for 2. Madison gets a crucifix driver for the win. Tessa goes for a chair, but Su Yung and the goons come out to attack – but Allie makes a save.

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