DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #6 & #7 Spoilers: Writer Geoff Johns Teases Watchmen, Black Adam, Justice Society / JSA Rebirth & More Via Mainstream Press In Newsweek

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #6 and #7 Spoilers follows.

Writer Geoff Johns Teases Watchmen, Black Adam, Justice Society / JSA Rebirth & More Via Mainstream Press In Newsweek!

Newsweek reports:

      Doomsday Clock’ #6: Geoff Johns Teases What’s Next For Rorschach, Black Adam, Mime & Marionette

      he Watchmen-inspired DC Comics series Doomsday Clock is approaching the halfway point and writer Geoff Johns tells Newsweek to expect a change in perspective for Doomsday Clock #6. The next issue is focused on Mime, Marionette and the Joker. “It’s really the Superman Theory and what’s going on in the world from the point of view of the supervillains in the DC universe,” Johns teases.

      The former DC Entertainment exec also hinted at answers regarding who’s actually involved with the Superman Theory, and said some villains may even consider Black Adam’s offer for asylum in Khandaq. “The guy that was standing here next to me the last time we all got together, he was part of it?” Johns asks. “When Black Adam, one of the most powerful metahumans on the planet, says, “You want refuge, you want a fresh start? If you are like a low level villian in this crazy world, what do you do? What are your options?”…

      …In addition to briefly touching on the weight of the JSA’s role, Johns also teased a storyline that has stayed under the radar, the story within the story: Carver Coleman’s Nathaniel Dusk films playing inside Johnny Thunder’s nursing home.
      “It’s all connected. That’s the point, Gary and I really want to surprise people with where it’s going. And the JSA are part of it, [but] they aren’t all of it. The book is about much more than the Justice Society. It’s about the whole DC universe, but the idea of them plays a pretty significant role. As does Nathaniel Dusk and Carver Coleman, the man who played Nathaniel Dusk in those movies that we are watching, and what those movies are we will get into that more as the issues progress,” he said.

      Johns adds fans should remember the date of the magazine in the back. “It’s a year from now,” he says, “the story is set slightly future in the DC Universe from now. The reality is some people read the issue and they don’t go into the back, and I hope they read the backmatter. It’s more grounded and inward and for DC fans, if they look closely they will find new ideas and characters that they are going to see come to light.”

Doomsday Clock #6 hits stores on August 29, 2018 while Doomsday Clock #7 gets to stores on September 26, 2018.

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