Former Amazing Spider-Man Writer & Current Fantastic Four & Iron Man Writer Dan Slott Explains His Spider-Geddon Role For Marvel Comics


Former Amazing Spider-Man Writer and Current Fantastic Four and Iron Man Writer Dan Slott Explains His Spider-Geddon Role For Marvel Comics.

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      “So what’s the deal with Spider-Geddon? I thought you LEFT Spider-Man.”

      Okay. Here’s the deal. I did leave Spider-Man. Had a great time– the time of my life actually! And now I’m on to Fantastic Four and Iron Man.

      “Answer the question, Slott!”

      Geez. Impatient much? Okay. Here’s the REAL deal. “Spider-Geddon” was an idea I had for the sequel to “Spider-Verse”. It was big! Cataclysmic! And it would fold in Spider-People we hadn’t seen before! And it had a good twist that would make it different from
      Spider-Verse. But… (there’s always a “but”)…

      …then they did Venom-Verse and it would’ve felt weird to do another Spider-Verse-like story so close to that. So we waited. And the closer we got to #800 and my 10th year on ASM, the more it felt right to me that THAT was my jumping off point. When I approached Marvel and said that I was ready to go, there were a few Spider-y things that I knew I was going to be leaving on the table. “Spider-Geddon” was one of them.

      During the last phase of my Spider-Run, editor Nick Lowe told me he’d like to do “Spider-Geddon” and have me involved somehow. My first, biggest, and BEST suggestion was to have Nick ask Chris Gage to write it, because Chris would NAIL it! Nick liked that idea… and the ALL-NEW Spider-Geddon was born!

      Spider-Geddon is Chris Gage’s baby. I told Chris my core concepts for Spider-Geddon, where I would have gone, and so on– but the biggest note I gave him was “Make it your own! Don’t feel beholden to ANY of these ideas. Go forth and take names and kick butt! And do the kinds of crazy Chris Gage things that only Chris Gage can pull off!”

      So am I involved in the Nick Lowe edited and Chris Gage written “Spider-Geddon” spectacular? Yes! Nick Lowe has used me as a resource for brainstorming about what side stories could be added, what kinds of Spideys could be brought into to mix, what other writers could be doing for tie-ins and crossovers, and so on. And Chris has me on hand as a soundboard and willing consultant whenever he needs me. And just last week I was on call with another writer who was working on a side project to help them bat around ideas. (Or should that be “spider around” ideas?)

      There’s been a LOT of misinformation and confusion floating around on the web, so I thought I’d jump in and help clear some things up.

      Chris Gage is THE writer! He’s holding the reins and he’s taking this project to wonderfully crazy places! Quite frankly, he’s KILLING it on Spider-Geddon! And I’m here as a consultant, a resource, a soundboard, and an idea-spinner for Nick Lowe, Chris, and the other writers to use whenever they want! And they have been a’ using me– in between Fantastic Four and Iron Man plots and scripts. :)

      Everything I’ve seen so far on Spider-Geddon has been AWESOME! And I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on it!

      And comic book news journalists? You guys have my email. Would it kill you to drop me a line and ask me a question? :-P

      And comic book gossip sites– Never mind. You’re just gonna make up stuff anyway. :-D

      Final note (and Marvel, feel free to use this as a tagline):



      ‘Nuff Said

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